15 Best Nike Golf Clubs

The quality of your golf clubs can make or break your performance. Although Nike hasn’t always been one of the most popular names in golf, their range of clubs has grown exponentially over the years, with many golfers claiming to be complete converts from other high-end names.

If you want to harness the power of Nike on the course, stick with us to discover some of Nike’s best golf clubs. 

15 Best Nike Golf Clubs


The Vapor Fly Pro Driver has a forgiving face, a vibrant color scheme, and a large compression channel.

The shaft on the Fly Pro Driver feels sturdy and strong and has a low spin - this means it gives a nice balance to your driver and a weighted swing that feels secure and has the potential to go far.

The face is responsive - and while you won’t feel like it’s exploding every time, you’ll definitely know when you’ve hit it.

 This driver is aimed more toward upper-echelon golfers, and it’s one of the most popular in Nike’s range.


Young golfers can also benefit from Nike’s impressive range with their individual junior clubs.

You can buy your clubs individually or opt for a full set, which will include a driver, a hybrid, a putter, a #7, a #9, and a generously sized carry bag. 

These clubs are aimed at kids between 44” and -52”, and they’re designed to be easy to use.

These clubs are lightweight with a high loft to promote a fast, soft launch, and their rubber grips will keep your kids comfortable and secure when playing.

Although we wouldn’t recommend a Nike set for kids who are just getting into golf, they're great for those who are starting to take the sport a little more seriously.


Some of Nike's most popular clubs of all are their vapor speed irons.

Designed for optimal performance and boasting a sleek, professional design, Vapor Speed Irons are used by novice and professional golfers alike. 

With the Vapor Speed Irons, the center of gravity sits in the middle of the face, and the club heads are fitted with a handy ‘spring steel’ feature that’s designed to increase the ball speed for its players.

With its X3X technology, the groovers on the clubface sit closer together to promote more ball spin, giving you a quality swing (and hit) every time. 


The VR Forged Pro Combo irons are a generous set by Nike, and they're pretty long - these long irons make all the difference, (see also: Kirkland vs Pro V1: What’s The Difference?)and their cavity backs make them a forgiving, professional-feeling pairing.

These irons are aimed more at precision than distance, so if you like to be laser accurate with your puts, you’ll love these.

Their soft metal gives the perfect swing. They're comfortable to hold and pretty lightweight, too. 


Next up, we have the Sasquatch Fairway. This wood is cleverly designed, and although it has a pretty big head, it looks pretty deceiving.

The Sasquatch has a deep center of gravity, so you’ll have no trouble hitting balls from most lies, and it has a traditional design that accomplished players will appreciate.

Its PowerBow technology is also designed to move the center of gravity further back, which will give you a much higher launch and further distance.


This weighted putter comes with five different head shapes and two fixed weights - one at the heel of the sole and the other in the toe.

This extra weight keeps any excess clear of the face and moves the center of gravity much deeper into the club.

The result? No skidding or backspin! Although this tech is a little different from other clubs, it still benefits from the multi-material polymetal groover face insert we see on most other Nike clubs.


The Covert 2.0 tour driver was well received on release, and it's one model that’s helped Nike secure its name in the golfing world.

With an independent face and plenty of adjustabilities, this driver delivers a satisfying impact thanks to the cavity on the rear of its head, which delivers quite a different sound to other drivers.

The standard covert driver (a model below) is also pretty similar and just as forgiving as the tour driver.


This humble wedge is pretty simple, but it performs exceptionally well. These clubs have plenty of grip, and they’re responsive and soft all over.

This is great for getting balls out of almost any lie and delivering a good shot.

Its dual sole is inspired by Tiger and Tony’s wedges which give them more versatile shots, and it’s a standout feature on the square sole wedge. 


The Pro Tour Hybrid Fairway was often branded one of the most underrated clubs of 2011.

This product didn’t cause as much buzz as expected, but golfers of all abilities still enjoyed it for its stylish design and exceptional performance.

Even on rough fairways, these resist digging, and they deliver a pleasant sound when you hit the ball.

This club will suit lower-handicap golfers, and it delivers very few bad swings.


Next up, we have the Nike SQ Dynamo Driver.

This traditional-shaped driver looks and feels fantastic, and although there’s another square model in the set, this one seems to do the job better.

As you move up the lofts, there’s a distinct change in weight, and most players welcome the extra length of the club.

With a titanium body and graphic shafts, the Dynamo is pure dynamite, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a golfer who doesn’t enjoy using it.


If it’s a quality wedge you’re after, let’s take a look at the Nike Engage Toe Sweep Wedge.

There’s plenty to love about the Toe Sweep Wedge, and it’s specifically designed to give golfers more versatility with their shots - something we can all appreciate.

Whatever lie you’re in, this wedge is up to the challenge.

The toe sweep is versatile, the dual sole performs well around the greens, and it’ll help any golfer make shots they’ve been too terrified to attempt.

You’ll make good contact with the wedge with every strike and feel confident in your abilities.


The Nike T40 Fairway Wood receives solid reviews all around, and after just a few tries, it can become any golfer's favorite addition to their bag.

This humble wood does a LOT; whether it’s handling short drivers, saving stray balls, or giving you the confidence to pull off distance shots, its innovative design was crafted with trajectory, distance, and accuracy in mind.

This was one of the first fairway clubs made by Nike, and it marked their solid entry into fairway wood sales.


Next up, we have the Nike Ignite Driver. There are two versions of the Nike ignite driver: the 410 and the 460.

Both versions deliver an impressive performance, and they’re great additions to any golfer's bag.

However, if you love to hear that impressive “thwacking” sound when you hit the ball, you’ll be a little disappointed with this driver.

It has a duller sound than other clubs, but it certainly does the job.

The ball jumps nicely off the face when you hit it, and you can achieve some real distance with this driver.


Now, let’s take a look at the Nike Slingshot Mix Hybrid Fairway. As you can tell from the name, this club is designed to help your shots go the extra distance.

Its low, deep center of gravity can give you higher-launching shots with super-soft landings, and it uses Nike’s much-celebrated PowerBow weighting low and back for extra flight.

Its space-age look isn’t for everyone; however, the technology is just right, and you’ll be able to target softly with less roll and less effort than other lofted irons.


Last but not least, we have the Nike CPR Fairway. The Nike CPR Fairway is a pretty forgiving club that consistently delivers high flight and soft landings.

You'll appreciate this club if you’ve ever struggled using a fairway wood.

Its unique design may not be the most attractive, but with this one, it’s hard to hit a hard shot.

If you’re an accomplished player, you might not appreciate this club. However, the Nike CPR Fairway is perfect for beginner golfers who need an easy club for easy shots.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re an accomplished player or a novice looking for some simple, reliable clubs, Nike is a go-to brand for many golfers.

These clubs offer just a small insight into the world of Nike golf clubs, but if you’re not sure which club to choose, any of these is a great starting point, regardless of your ability. 

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