15 Best Vessel Golf Bags

15 Best Vessel G

 Their quality and functionality is unparalleled.

And they’re just as much a status symbol as a fancy car, think Rolls-Royce or Ferrari. It speaks volumes about how much money you have to spare on your hobbies.

So, if you’re in the market for a new golf bag, you’ve certainly come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to review 15 of the best vessel golf bags around to help you decide which one you want to invest in.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!


VLS Lux Stand Golf Bag

This is Vessel’s most luxurious lightweight stand bag, weighing just 4.8 pounds. It’s expertly crafted with tour grade material, premium detailing and genuine leather accents, in a range of color options.

It has a patented stand system, complete with carbon fiber legs for maximum stability and dependability.

Its features include a dedicated velour-lined pocket for your rangefinder with magnetic closure, and a large compartment for your garments, in case you run into wet weather.

It also has a matching rain hood and umbrella holder, and a dedicated holder for your pen to keep score.


VLS Stand Golf Bag

The VLS stand bag was the inspiration behind the VLS Lux bag. It’s an award-winning bag that is an upgrade on Vessel’s previous models.

The weight is reduced, so it’s lighter to carry, and it’s crafted from premium nylon twill, which not only makes the bag lighter but also offers impressive weather resistance in its finish.

The large 4-way top ensures that you have the room for a full set of clubs, with handy dividers between them to keep your clubs organized.


Player III DXR Stand Golf Bag

The Player III DXR stand bag is a variation of Vessel’s ever popular, much talked about, Player III bag.

The DXR material provides stealth as well as high performance to the bag with its rip stop material which prevents general wear and tear.

It also features superior carbon fiber components to provide better strength to the bag as it carries all those heavy clubs.

And if all that’s not enough, it also features the same patented stand as the VLS stand bag, with its carbon fiber legs for maximum and dependability.


VLX Stand Golf Bag

Designed for both efficiency and performance luxury, the VLX is flawlessly constructed to minimize exposed seams and rivets.

What’s more, it also features Vessel’s trademark rotator stand base, so you know your bag will remain standing as you’d want it when needed.

It’s incredibly lightweight, coming in at a mere 4.65 pounds, yet it’s large and strong enough to comfortably carry a full set of clubs.

It also features special pockets for your garments, accessories and sleeves for water bottles. And a comfy self-adjusting shoulder strap.


Player III Stand Golf Bag

This is one of Vessel’s best known stand bags, and is something of a classic at this point. And it comes highly recommended by those who’ve used it.

It has several USPs. It’s available in a great range of color options and is available in both a 6-way and a 14-way top size. 

It’s made with tour grade body materials, a comfy self-adjusting shoulder strap, Vessel’s patented rotator stand systems to hold your clubs in position when you stop, dual water bottle sleeves, and several handy pockets.


Prime Staff Golf Bag

If you want tour performance from your golf bag, then this one is certainly worth a look. It’s used and trusted by LPGA and PGA Tour professionals alike, having been crafted with the finest materials for both function and luxury.

These tour grade materials are durable, weather resistant, color fast, easy to clean and even feature waterproof zippers.

There are two magnetic closure pockets for valuables, two easy-access water bottle sleeves, an all-weather rain hood, and a hidden umbrella sleeve.


LE Mini Staff Golf Bag

This one of a kind Vessel mini staff bag is a limited edition, so if you want one, be sure to get yours quickly before they run out.

It’s not too heavy at 9 pounds, and has a 6-way top. It’s made with the same tour grade materials as the Prime staff bag mentioned earlier.

This means it offers weather resistance, durability, easy cleaning and color fastness to boot.

As you can imagine, it’s not as affordable as the stand bags mentioned earlier, and is not as big as a midsize or large staff bag, measuring 34 by 11 by 8.5 inches.


Prodigy Mini Staff Golf Bag

The Prodigy mini staff bag was modeled after Vessel’s most popular staff bag.

And it offers both function and finish, with its sleek aesthetic, and 6-way top size, complete with dividers. It has a 9-inch reinforced steel ring top with premium velour.

And again it’s made with tour grade synthetic leather, so you don’t have to worry about weather resistance, durability, or color fading.

It also features 10 external pockets, including ones for a rangefinder, valuables and garments.


Lux Midsize Staff Golf Bag

Vessel’s Lux Midsize Staff bags offer the best of both worlds - the bold styling of Vessel’s tour staff bags, but with all the functionality of their top cart bags.

And this means that you can transport it on any golf car, push cart or trolley.

It’s made with tour-grade synthetic leather for long-lasting durability, and has a 6-way top, reinforced with a steel ring, complete with full-length microfiber lined dividers to protect those all important clubs.

It’s not too heavy at 9.3 pounds, and there are plenty of pockets, including one for your range finder, and an insulated cooler pocket for beverages.


Lux Cart Golf Bag

In addition to their range of stand bags and staff bags, Vessel also has some great cart bags, and their Lux cart bag is an excellent example… 

It’s perfect for riding with on the cart because it’s designed to give you easy access to all your gear while riding, thanks to features such as an upper pocket pod that swings over the cart strap that snaps down with a magnetic closure, securing your bag in place.

And it’s designed to carry all the clubs you’ll need, thanks to the 7-way top and dedicated putter well.


Lux XV Cart Golf Bag

And if you thought the Lux cart bag sounds good, the Lux XV one is even better…

It’s designed with utility in mind, featuring a whopping 15-way top with full length dividers and a dedicated putter well. 

It also features tour grade body materials, side carry handles, genuine leather touchpoints, dual pen and water bottle sleeves, and a whopping 12 pockets for your bits and pieces.

And it’s lighter than you might expect, coming in at just 7.95 pounds.


Custom Lux XV Cart Golf Bag

If you want the ultimate status symbol, how about a customized Vessel bag?

Customized Vessel golf bags tend to cost significantly more than their standard, non-customized counterparts, and when this article was written, a custom Vessel Lux XV cart bag cost just shy of $1,000.

It’s basically a personalized version of the Lux XV cart bag, made to your personal specifications. Simply contact the manufacturer to begin the process.


Custom Player III Stand Golf Bag

Perhaps you’re already a big fan of Vessel’s Player III stand golf bag, and if that’s the case, why not treat yourself to a brand new, customized version, expertly crafted to your personal specifications.

You can choose from a broad range of color options, choose a single or a double strap, and choose between a 6-way or 14-way top size.

When this article was written, a custom Vessel Player III stand bag cost just shy of $1,000.


Custom Prime Staff Golf Bag

If, however, you have more than $1,000 to spare, you may be interested in owning your very own custom Vessel prime staff bag.

You will work with the design team to create a bag that’s unique to you, made out to your exact specifications.

What’s more, if you opt for rushed delivery, you can have your new custom Vessel golf bag in as little as 58 business days from the approval of the design.


Custom Pro Staff Golf Bag

Or alternatively, you might like the sound of a custom pro staff bag. These are priced the same as the custom prime staff bags. 

They feature top size of 9 inches or 10 inches, and you can opt for either standard or rushed delivery.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s the easy part sorted, you’ve now browsed through some of the different options and know what they have to offer. Now it’s over to you to make the difficult decision about which one to get. May The Fores Be With You!

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