Does Tiger Woods’ Daughter Golf?

Even people who have absolutely no interest in golf are aware of Tiger Woods and His accomplishments in the sport; by way of his unmatched excellence, his fame has reached ubiquity, not just here in the States, but around the entire globe.

And being that the Tiger Woods name is synonymous with golfing mastery, you’d assume that his children, those that inherit his name, will also be talented and passionate golfers.

Does Tiger Woods’ Daughter Golf?

But, as all parents know, you cannot control what your child enjoys or what they’ll be good at, and this might well be the case with Tiger’s daughter and eldest child, Sam Alexis Woods.

Does Sam Alexis Woods Play Golf?

As you’d expect, Tiger Woods was pushing golf on Sam from a very young age — We’re talking a few months old.

The golfing great reported that as soon as his daughter could grasp objects, he was handing her golf clubs, and Tiger’s efforts did pay off initially, as Sam started playing (and excelling) at golf, but unfortunately for papa Woods, his daughter’s passion for the sport began so sputter out as she grew older.

What Does Sam Woods Play If Not Golf?

These days, it’s understood that Sam Alexis Woods is much more enamored by “the beautiful game”, soccer and that she often plays competitively.

Although we can assume this has led to a certain degree of heartbreak for Tiger, by all accounts he’s incredibly supportive of his daughter’s soccer playing, attending multiple practices and games to cheer her on.

Sam’s other hobbies include caring for the family’s dogs and taking in professional soccer games, especially those involving the US women’s national team.

It seems feasible that she might hit the links with her father every now and again, but as for playing golf in a professional capacity, it doesn’t really seem like her cup of tea.

Does Tiger Woods Have Any Other Children?

Tiger Woods is the proud father of not just one, but two lovely children, the other being his 12-year-old son, Charles Axel Woods, and he’s a right chip off the old block! Unlike Sam, Charlie is utterly bonkers about golf… and he’s good too.

Just how good is young Charlie, you ask? Well, put it this way, when he heads to the course for a few holes, he’s been drawing quite a crowd of spectators, most of which are renowned pros(see also: How Much Do Golf Pros Make?)!

In fact, he’s cultivating such a buzz on the green that people are taking it as a given that he’s going to surpass the god-level skill of his father one day.

Has Charlie Axel Woods Played In Any Official Competitions?

Woods’ son started taking part in official golf competitions in 2020 and has been dominating ever since.

Notable achievements include winning a 9-hole junior 2020 tournament by a whopping five strokes, followed closely by another contest win later that year (this time by three strokes), and finally, in 2021, the child prodigy came in second in the father-son PGA Championship competition.

Charlie no doubt already needs a dedicated walk-in closet to house his golfing trophies, so it seems like he has a blindingly bright future in the sport. He has both raw talent, and he’s also incredibly confident… a deadly combination! And get this, his dad caddies for him!

Does Tiger Woods’ Daughter Golf?

Just How Good A Golfer Is Charlie Woods?

No matter how good a child of Tiger Woods actually is, they’re always going to draw a lot of attention with golf club in hand, but it seems that Charlie is so skillful that he’d be earning acclaim regardless of his father’s G.O.A.T.ed status.

To put it into perspective for you, Jon Rahm, the current world number one golfer said that Charlie shows far more talent for the game than he ever did at his age… that’s some pretty promising praise!

Rahm continued, “If he keeps working hard, which I’m sure he will, I wouldn’t doubt for one second we’ll see him one day maybe sitting here [the PGA tour].”

As you can see, it seems like it’s really only a matter of time before Charlie Axel Woods snags his first major tournament, but we can’t be too surprised. A passion for the sport and Tiger Woods for a father sounds like a recipe for success to us!

What Style Of Golfer Is Charlie Axel Woods?

At the minute, in terms of form, Charlie is the spit of his father. The duo’s execution and mannerisms are so in sync that the PGA Tour’s social media team was able to cut a video together of tons of different examples of their symmetry on the course, and It’s as impressive as it is adorable.

It’s clear Charlie is a very observant student and has been watching his father very closely, picking out and mimicking every last detail of his form, and it’s going to be magical watching how he takes it and makes it his own as he gets older and develops as a player.

When Did Charlie First Start Playing Golf?

This is just a guess, but we think it’s safe to assume that, much like he did with his firstborn, Tiger put a club in Charlie’s hand long before he even cut his first tooth.

As far as evidence of the boy actually playing the sport early on, there’s a video of him taking a hearty swing at the tender age of four, and we’re betting there were probably countless undocumented swings unfolding behind closed doors before that!

Final Thoughts

There you have it — Tiger’s daughter Sam Alexis Woods has golfed and likely still golfs from time to time, but her sport is unquestionably soccer, so although she has certainly inherited her father’s athletic genes, they’re manifesting in a different way.

However, Tiger’s son Charlie Axel Woods is an absolute monster of golf, especially for his age, and is almost certainly going to achieve great things in the sport, possibly even surpassing his father. That’s a lot to live up to though, so let’s just hope the pressure doesn’t inhibit his progress.

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