How Does Topgolf Track Balls?

Topgolf track balls are a great way to enhance your golf game and improve your golf score. They are made of top quality materials, including the latest carbon fiber technology. The Top Golf golf range balls are designed to be used with the Top Golf game. 

They are made from a durable, yet soft and smooth, rubber material and contain a revolutionary core that is designed to provide a greater distance and increase accuracy. But how are they actually tracked on the system? Find out more here! 

How Does Topgolf Track Balls?

How Do The Balls Work?

All of the balls have radio frequency identification which means they have a unique chip on them. RFID is a type of radio frequency identification that allows the tracking of objects using electromagnetic fields.

The technology gives companies greater control of inventory, allows them to track the movement of items in transit, and provides a way to track customers’ loyalty.

RFID is the technology used to identify and track tags or small computer chips. They are used in various applications such as access control, supply chain management, tracking of assets, and automatic identification which allows them to see how far the balls have traveled. 

The Tech 

Not only does this technology follow the ball on its route, but it also can show you other details about your shot which you wouldn’t be able to find out at any regular driving range. 

It also has data and analytics on every single player to see how well they are doing in their region as there are many topgolf facilities available across the US now. They also include quite competitive games which are ideal for showing off your talent and being able to keep a score of your progress against others. 

The technology follows the distance, speed and height of your shots to show you the patterns in which you produce. There are many different modes for you to choose from depending on what area you would enjoy more or something you would like to practice.

Many people visit these facilities for fun with friends, but they are also great tools to practice your game seriously. 

One of the best parts about these facilities is that you are able to play on any golf course within your own bay. If the weather is not so good, you do not have to be walking around golf courses in a storm or rainy/windy weather, because you can get a similar experience in one of these facilities. 

The technology also tracks how well you are hitting the balls with different clubs. This is important because it will show you which one is your strongest and weakest in terms of distance, speed and height. 


This technology is extremely advanced because it is not only used for facilities like Topgolf, but also TV broadcasts in tournaments. It is like getting some of the best technology that top golfers get in their tournaments in a facility near your home. 

It has very high accuracy levels and is still being improved day on day to improve certain parts of the data analysis and other ways they can make the experience better. 

How Does Topgolf Track Balls?

How Did The Invention Come About? 

This isn’t something really new because this type of invention has been around since the 50s. It uses metal oxide semiconductors which are also used for your phones and TV’s. However, they have come up with a way to make it available to everyone in their golf game for fun and practice. 

The Process 

The Topgolf Swing Sensor is a golf ball sensing device that sends data to your phone via Bluetooth. The swing sensor allows you to golf with your phone, increasing your accuracy and decreasing your swing tempo.

The Topgolf experience is unlike anything else in golf. The interactive golfing entertainment center features climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round golfing, a high-tech simulator for putting practice and a dramatic climate-controlled driving range. 

They use a 3D camera in the area where the balls will be tracked but you might ask why it is always so light there! They need the light for the ball to be tracked through that area for it to show up on the screen. 


Overall, Topgolf is a growing sensation in the world of golf because it offers something different and something enjoyable at any time of the year and in any type of weather.

It is also not out of peoples price ranges for a session and golf can be quite expensive to visit nice courses around the US. Therefore, it is giving more people the opportunity to try out something new in a fun space where they can also eat and drink while playing. 

Hopefully this guide has explained to you exactly how the balls work in Topgolf and might have persuaded you to go and give it a go too! The technology is only growing year on year and soon it will be everywhere across the globe for people to enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Topgolf Know If You Take Balls?

They all have trackers on so you should not be trying to take any of the balls home because this could get you into a lot of trouble. The ball carries an RFID chip, which informs the Topgolf system that you are ready to hit the golf ball. Therefore, it knows where the ball is. 

Does Topgolf Give You Unlimited Balls?

They do many offers for certain prices which will allow you to have as many balls as you like for your game. This is around $20 per person for this type of game.

This is what makes it such a great place to hang out with your friends and have some fun and also a great place to come and practice your skills for a long period of time.

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