How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have?

Everyone knows the whole world over that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer witnessed in our lifetime. He has won countless tournaments, and ranks second place in the world for this reason.

How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have

He has won so many competitions that it can actually be difficult to discern just how many there are in total. 

He has played in the Masters tournament many times, but just how many green jackets has he won from his time playing there?

If you’ve found yourself wondering about this, look no further, because we’ve got the answers below. 

What Is A Green Jacket In The Masters Tournament?

The green masters jacket, which has become a symbol of victory for golfing players, was first introduced in the masters tournament of 1937. During this time, members of Augusta National would wear them to show their affiliation. 

It wasn’t until 1949, however, that golfing player Sam Snead was awarded the green jacket for his victory in the masters tournament.

Since then, it became a massive phenomenon, and winning the masters tournament meant that you would be awarded one of these illustrious jackets. 

The player who was lucky enough to win a green jacket would not get to keep it indefinitely, however. After the player is awarded their jacket, they are allowed to keep it for a total of one year until the next tournament, where they will be expected to relinquish it. 

How Many Green Jackets Does Tiger Woods Have?

So, now that we’ve covered the tradition of awarding the green jacket in masters tournaments, just how many green jackets does golfing superstar Tiger Woods have? 

Tiger woods has won the famous green jacket a total of five times, which is incredibly impressive. This means that he has won the famous masters tournament five times throughout his golfing career. 

The first time he won the green jacket was one of the most memorable moments in Tiger Woods life, as he won the jacket after just one year of turning professional.

This was way back in 1997, and Woods would go on to win a further four times, including 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2019. 

This means that Woods won his jacket three times in just five years. Many fans would agree that the most memorable win from Tiger Woods, however, was in 2019. This was several years after his glory days of repeatedly winning championships. 

In 2019, Tiger Woods won his green jacket, and simultaneously made what many people deem the most successful comeback in golfing history.

He won this against a lot of jeers made in the media saying that he was a ‘has been’, as well as discussing many of the personal controversies of the golfer’s past. 

Many people had turned against Tiger Woods, and his name had become tarnished in the media. He was no longer considered to be a great golfing hero that people loved to see winning. 

With his spectacular performance in the 2019 tournament however, Tiger Woods managed to change the opinion of the crowd and the public watching him.

Because of the immaculate way in which he played his game, the audience became more focused on his immense golfing capabilities rather than past controversies. 

So Does Tiger Woods Actually Have Five Green Jackets?

Although Tiger Woods has won the green jacket a total of four times, there are some rules laid out by Augusta National regarding this matter.

For example, if a champion has succeeded in winning the championship more than once, he will not receive a new green jacket for doing so. 

Instead, he will be required to keep the same green jacket that he won in his first successful tournament. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule.

Augusta will provide the player with a different jacket if their size has changed considerably from the last time that they won the tournament. 

Tiger Woods actually stated in 2019 that the jacket that he originally won in the 90s still fit him, so he did not require a new jacket from Augusta National.

This is incredible considering that he won his first tournament over a decade ago from this date. 

Who Has The Most Green Jackets?

Some of you reading this might be wondering who the player is that managed to surpass Tiger Woods in terms of winning multiple jackets.

The player who managed to do so is Jack Nicklaus. He has won the masters a total of 6 times, just once more than Tiger Woods. 

Nicklaus won his first masters tournament way back in 1969, and he continued to make intermittent wins over a period of 23 years in total. 

It is interesting to note that Nicklaus made his last tournament win at the same age as Tiger Woods. Woods was 43 years of age when he won in 2019, and it is doubtful whether or not he will be able to surpass Nicklaus in the number of green jackets he wins. 

Woods has undergone a lot of personal challenges in recent years, including being the victim of a car crash in 2021. The accident was serious, and left Woods with significant injuries.

He did particular damage to his ankle, which actually left him immobile for many months, getting around by wheelchair. He says that he is not ready as of yet to make a return to the PGA Golf Tour. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Tiger Woods has won the illustrious green jacket a total of five times after competing in the masters tournament.

He is the player to win the greatest number of green jackets after Jack Nicklaus, who won 6 times in total. 

Tiger Woods still wears the green jacket that he won in 1997.

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