How To Carry A Golf Bag

While golf carts are commonly used as an easy and convenient way to transport players and equipment across a field, many golfers will actually prefer to carry their golf bag with them as they advance throughout the game.

How To Carry A Golf Bag

This is not only a great choice since it allows you to appreciate the outdoors a lot more while you play, but it also comes with a few little-known health benefits that make carrying your golf bag extremely worthwhile.

Since they can often be fairly heavy, however, it’s very important to know how exactly to carry a bag the right way to avoid any damage or strain on the body. 

Here is how to safely carry a golf bag, and why it’s always worth doing so when it’s time to move to the next hole or pin.

Why Is It Important To Carry A Golf Bag Correctly?

The average golf bag that is loaded with clubs and extra equipment will usually weigh between 10 and 20 pounds which means if it’s carried in an awkward position, it can lead to causing some undesirable effects on the body which can really ruin your swing during a game. 

Shoulder and back injuries are commonly caused after awkwardly carrying a golf bag, however it has even been shown to potentially cause chronic low back pain which no golfer wants when trying to line up their shots. 

You should also always be carrying only one golf bag at a time to avoid these potential injuries, so even if your buddy is a little further up the field, opt for transporting the bags in a golf cart or bringing one at a time rather than trying to carry two simultaneously. 

Health Benefits Of Carrying Golf Bags

While potential injuries can occur when not carrying a golf bag correctly, on the flip side there are a few health benefits that can result from carrying it the right way, especially for longer distances. 

The main benefit is strengthening your upper body, especially your biceps, deltoids, and trapezius muscles.

It’s great for improving your stamina and endurance, and according to Neil Wolkdoff who is a director at the Centre for Health Sports Science at the Rose Medical Centre, walking a course with your golf bag can burn over 1800 calories for 18 holes of play, which even makes it an excellent activity for weight loss. 

While it may not be a health benefit, you will also save much more money as opposed to using an expensive golf cart which can also be a little harder to navigate especially when following 90-degree driving rules. 

How To Carry A Golf Bag Correctly

How To Carry A Golf Bag Correctly

Since there are so many benefits to walking with your golf bag, it’s therefore never a bad idea to know how to do it without posing any risk of picking up injuries.

Here is how to safely carry your golf bag across a course:

Step 1) Adjust The Bag

First, you will want to make the necessary adjustments to the bag strap so that it rests firmly on your shoulder without being too loose and just tight enough to where it doesn’t rub against the shoulder.  

Step 2) Load The Blubs

When loading the clubs into the golf bag, be sure to place the longer and heavier clubs in first so that they are closest to where the shoulder strap connects to the bag.

This will make it so the heaviest section of the bag is closest to your body, making it a lot more manageable to carry.

You will want to place the longer irons around the center of the bag while the shorter ones should go in last.

This order makes sure that the lightest load will be at the bottom and won’t bounce around or weigh you down as you walk, making the bag far easier to carry. 

Step 3) Distribute Golf Balls

When loading the golf balls, to make it as easy as possible on your shoulders it’s best to distribute them evenly throughout the bag rather than all being in one area which will cause the bag to drag down, putting more strain on your shoulders and arms. 

This also goes for accessories including tees, towels, and club head covers, spacing them out just makes it feel far lighter than it would otherwise. 

Step 4) Place The Carry Strap Over Your Shoulder

Once all your equipment is packed, lower your dominant shoulder and place the carry strap over it so that it feels comfortable.

Try to keep it in the middle of the shoulder since if it is too heavy, the strap can tend to slide down towards the neck which can cause unwanted strains when you come to play. 

Step 5) Use Your Legs, Not Your Back

Grap the bag handle and start to lift it up with the strap still clung to your shoulder.

You will always need to make sure you pick up the bag by squatting down with your legs, not using your back.

This can easily result in throwing out your back and straining the muscles, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Also, be sure to move the strap around slightly just to make sure it feels comfortable on your shoulder while carrying it. 

Step 6) Familiarize Yourself With Carrying 

While carrying a golf bag, it’s worth making slight adjustments to the strap if you feel that it rubs against the shoulder a bit too much or if it feels too loose and you want to prevent it from bouncing. 

It’s also always good to have an idea of the terrain of your course such as if there are any shortcuts to save steps and how many hills you should be expecting to come across. 


Along with the numerous health benefits it offers, carrying a golf bag correctly makes the entire game far more enjoyable by allowing you to feel fit and ready with each swing you take without having to worry about any lingering shoulder or back pains.

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