How to Hit a Stinger?

To play a truly outstanding game of golf, golfers must be able to hit a wide range of golf shots.

If you are forced to hit high launch shots into every green, you will have a lot of miss-hits throughout the round.

How to Hit a Stinger

Essentially, the finest players in the game know how to execute a wide range of golf strokes.

When they are presented with a crisis, they will have a variety of shots in their bag that they may employ.

A stinger is one of several sorts of golf (see also: What Is A ‘Stinger’ In Golf?)shots, and here is all you need to know about stingers and if you should start using them in your game.

What Is A Stinger?

The stinger shot is a control shot that fires the ball at a lower trajectory than typical, reducing spin and causing the ball to drift out farther compared to a higher trajectory shot.

Tiger prefers to use this shot when he also needs to have more control of the direction.

When done correctly, the stinger is an excellent shot to have in your arsenal.

The majority of these shots are taken closer to the front of the green, where there is plenty of area to roll through or back to the pin.

Although this stroke has been around for a long time, it gained popularity during Tiger Woods  at his peak.

Tiger would frequently play stinger-type shots on difficult golf courses, and they would erase a lot of the problems.

A stinger may be developed by anybody, but it is best saved for experienced players who can strike a draw or hook.

If a player’s game is hampered by a huge fade (see also: What Is A Fade In Golf?)or slice, a few crucial adjustments must be made before learning the Tiger Stinger.

This stroke may elevate iron play to a new level for those who can pull a golf ball. Tiger claims he initially tried a stinger with a wedge.

He learned to fly his wedges, which simply means to strike them at a lower angle.

He was able to control the distance and trajectory by flying his wedges. He eventually learnt to apply the method to the rest of his clubs in his bag.

When Should A Stinger Be Played?

The stinger shot is a valuable tool, but it is important to know when to use it and also when not to. 

Hitting a stinger at the wrong time could leave you with a golf shot that is not actually going to stop where it should, and it could get you into more trouble.

Here are some of the best examples of when you should hit a stinger. 

In High Winds

Windy situations include moments when the wind is both in your face and your shots are travelling downwind.

Even if you believe you want to keep the ball high in the air downwind to obtain more distance from it, you will most likely lose control.

To keep your strokes more precise in windy circumstances, play the ball down and focus on the stinger.

The stinger shot becomes highly popular while playing links-style courses in other countries where the weather is unpredictable.

This means results in the favor of getting the golf ball travelling through the air and less about the accuracy of where it lands. 

When Fairways Are Dry

Sometimes the fairways will get quite dry which at times – can be a negative thing.

But, if you are smart enough you can use this in your favor and get a lot more distance with your shot. 

For this distance though, you will need a shot that will provide more forward spin than backspin and this stinger shot will fit this criteria. 

Use a stinger shot from the tee box to get to the hole, and then another one from the green to go to the hole.

For More Control

If you need more control, the stinger might be your best option as it will give you more control compared to a full swing golf stroke. 

A controlled stroke is useful when you need to get the ball through a tight place on the course or keep it on a straight trajectory.

You will notice a lot more control with the stinger-type shot method due to you having an easier time keeping the ball straight.

How to Hit A Stinger?

Use The Right Club

Use the Right Club

A 2- or 3-iron is typically used for the stinger, although a fairway wood can also be used.

To hit the ball off the tee, you can use practically any club down to a pitching wedge.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about what club to use though as you can always try different ones out and see which one works best for you.

A hybrid club (see also: Are Hybrid Clubs Good For Beginners?)may make hitting the stinger more difficult since hybrids carry the ball higher, and you want a low flight.

Play The Ball In The Middle Of Your Stance

To put everything into the stinger stroke, you need to play the ball in the center of your stance.

This will assist to reduce the spin rate of the ball as it travels down the fairway. This will result in increased rollout once it reaches the lawn.

Pull Through The Swing

For the stinger, it is required that you pull the club so that the ball is hit straight without needing a big launch.

This means that in the impact zone, your hands are behind the clubhead. 

It will take a bit of time to get used to this, but it is a very important step that must be taken for a successful stinger. 

Keep Relaxed Arms

Due to most players not being used to how a stinger feels, their first instinct is to stiffen up.

It may seem contradictory but holding the club tighter results in a less forceful swing and more blisters.

Assume your arms are noodles. Maintain a relaxed grip throughout the swing and concentrate on making clean contact with the ball.

Swing Low And To The Left

Mid-downswing, pull your hands slightly to the left. This contributes to a more powerful descending stroke to the ball hit, which is essential for a low flying shot.

Maintain as much straightness as possible during impact.

Follow through, but not excessively. Tiger refers to the final stage of the Stinger shot as “breaking.”

Not that you should injure yourself, but you should decelerate your hands as soon as possible after impact.

When you follow through, your club should not travel higher than your lead shoulder. This will keep your shot low by slowing down the rotation rate.


Even though we see golf legends such as Tiger Woods hitting a stinger with almost no effort, it can be hard to imagine us doing the same.

However, you can also hit a stinger shot if you put in the steps mentioned in this guide and also the time and patience that it takes to practice getting it perfect so that it can become a hidden weapon in your next game of golf. 

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