How To Hit Out Of Sand

How to hit out of a bunker is the best golf tip you need to learn in the golf game. How to hit out of a bunker is very useful and simple information which will be able to allow you to get out of those stuck situations that people usually dread!

This guide will be giving some of the best tips to practice your swing to get your ball out of the bunker. Find out more here!

How To Hit Out Of Sand?

What Should You Use?

It is a sand wedge. There are many sand wedges available in the market. But most of them are made up of cheap materials and fall short of giving the desired results which is why you will need a good one for the best shots.

The Sand wedge is a two-layer sand wedge that allows for a more consistent face and backspin on a struck shot. A Sand wedge is a simple and forgiving backhand.

It is a very useful shot for most sand players, especially those who are looking to improve their game at
all levels.

The sand wedge is one of the most useful and versatile golf club accessories available.
Learn how to use it to improve your game in this article.

How To Set Up Your Bunker Shot?

The practice of using a bunker shot is a tradition at many golf courses. The bunker shot is a shot that is taken close to the green so that if the ball doesn’t go in the hole, you can place the ball in the bunker to save par.

Your alignment – normally you will be lining up your shot square to the ball with your feet. However, for this shot, you need to be standing more to the left of the ball which will give you the correct power for the swing.

You will also need quite a bit of stability for this type of shot as well which is why the alignment is important to get right.

Where Should The Ball Be?

In terms of where your ball should be and your stance, the ball needs to be quite far forwards. You need to be able to get the club underneath the ball to get the height to get it out of the bunker.

However, it cannot be too far under the ball where you can just hit lots of sand everywhere and not the ball itself. Therefore, you need to make sure you have your stance right so you can successfully get the ball out of the bunker

How To Hit Out Of Sand?

What About The Club Face?

The club face will need to be left more open so you are able to make contact with the bottom. The toe of the club should be facing away from the ball for the best shot. You need to get some good contact with the ball to get the power you need to get it out of the bunker.

You need to make sure you get some height from your shot to actually make it out of the bunker. If you don’t have the correct stance or the right contact it could just go forward and not up. It could also go out to the side somewhere in the wrong direction.

Shoulder Angles

For a bunker shot, you need to make sure you are keeping your shoulders very level. You will usually have a different shoulder position for other shots, but bunker shots are very different. You need the ball to be bouncing off the club.

Top Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you create the perfect bunker shot to practice and get right the majority of the time.

1. The first tip is all about your weight and where most of it should be put. Most people think they need to be leaning back so they can put more power into the shot, but that will not work.

You need to be putting about 60% of your weight onto your front foot. You need to keep the face open as well to get the height!

2. The second important tip refers to how you should be gripping the club for this shot. A lot of people think you need to change the way you grip the club but that is not true.

You need to be holding it as you usually would but it might just seem different because of the change in stance.

3. Most people get a little bit confused as to whether they should be hitting more of the ball or the sand. You should be aiming for two inches away from the ball and go

If you are close to the green, you don’t want to be hitting the ball too far over the green, you need the height more.

4. Your swing is also something that is different for this type of shot. You need to be cutting down your backswing as you do not need to be lifting the club as high. It is important to create the impact through the swing and not from the height of the swing.


Overall, a bunker shot is different from all other shots because you’re trying to get yourself out of a sticky situation. You need to have power to be able to get out of the bunker, but not too much because that will turn into distance.

Hopefully some of these tips should be helpful for anyone who is trying to practice this skill because there is quite a lot of technique that goes into it.

Every bunker will be slightly different as well in terms of how much height you need and your positioning which is why you should be putting this into physical practice. Make sure you remember all of the top tips and use them to your advantage.

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