How To Measure Putter Length

This is the most important part of the golf swing: setting up the ball correctly. The golfer’s putter length affects the trajectory of the ball, and is therefore a large factor in the golfer’s success.

This article will discuss how to measure putter length, and the importance of this is to gauge the space and length during your practice time. Find out more here!

How To Measure Putter Length

How To Measure?

Measuring the putter length is very simple. You will need a 48 inch ruler where you put the grip area at one end to then the heel of the putter.

  • You can go to a golf store and they will be able to help you find the best length for you because it can determine how you play.
  • You need to make sure you can be comfortable holding the putter because you will need stability in your technique.
  • You shouldn’t have to hold the gripping section too high up because this means that it is too short for you and you need a longer putter.

Why Does The Length Matter?

When playing golf, it is all about the angles and being able to gauge where you need to be targeting and be in a good position to see. Therefore, you need to be taking more time to find the right length for you if you want to play regularly.

Most people tend to always have longer putters than they need. Obviously, the taller you are, the longer the putter needs to be but there are so many different sizes, it doesn’t mean you have to have the longest one.

Putting can be quite intense and you need to be in full control of your putter to be precise and accurate which is why you need to be able to handle your putter well.

Step By Step

  1. One of the best ways you are able to find the right length for you is in feeling your way through it and getting a good feeling for them. When you’re in a putting position you will get a lot of information from how you feel.
  2. You could try the method of pretending to put the ball without the putter to start so you can look at your positioning. This will get you in a good space to then add the putters into the mix with trial and error.
  3. You need to make sure that you do not love out of this positionbecause the measurements won’t be correct. You should then get someone to measure from the bottom of your wrists right down to the ground.

Most people prefer to use this method to measure their putter length instead of just basing everything off your height. The reason for that is because people stand in all different ways that are comfortable for them to put in.

Where you stand and position yourself can also make a difference where you might need a shorter one if you stand quite close to the ball.

How To Measure Putter Length

Method 2

You can also just follow the general guidelines for what type of putter you should have based on your height. If you’re not someone who is a pro or professional/regular player, a lot of people will just order them online based on their height.

You are able to find these guidelines on the pnp website

You need to remember that these are only guidelines and shouldn’t be taken as the exact right size because it is not just about your height. Even though your height is a really important factor, it is not the only one you should be considering!


This might not be something that you immediately think about when it comes to your putter length but it is something that can contribute to choosing your size.

Everyone has different posture and stances so it can be really difficult to get one which is exactly perfect just for you. However, when you start thinking about all the smaller areas which contribute, you will get much closer.


Overall, your putter length is very important for those nerve racking moments at the end, the final stretch. You need to have full control over that putter to be the most successful in the game. If you find that yours is too short or too long, you will struggle finding your technique position.

Hopefully this guide has shed some more insight into how you are meant to know what size putter you should have and the best ways to measure that.

Most people like to get a feel for their clubs because golf equipment is very expensive. However, there are always guidelines for height that you can use if needed.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Are Putters Measured?

Putters are not measured in inches by USGA rules, but in millimeters. You will be able to see the number on your putter which will tell you the Length of your putter. They come in all different lengths because people of all different sizes will need to have different lengths.

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