How To Organize Golf Bag

Organizing your golf bag might seem like a menial task at first.

Still, when it comes to keeping the right mental headspace across 18 holes, even the most minor thing, such as being unable to find something from your messy golf bag, can upset your mental focus, and might ultimately lead to you not performing as well as you could!

How To Organize Golf Bag

It doesn’t matter whether you have a cart bag or a stand bag, having an organized golf bag is something that most golf players will do, and if you turn up to the course with an unorganized golf bag, it will make you look unprofessional and unprepared. 

So, when it comes to organizing your bag, it’s all about keeping it in a way where you’ll know exactly where all of your equipment is in the bag exactly and is able to be accessed easily when you need it most. 

So if you want to know the best way to organize your golf bag, then keep reading onwards!

Why Should You Organize Your Golf Bag?

Picture the scene, you’ve got a difficult shot to take, it’s raining, and whilst you’re trying to grapple and wrestle with the seemingly unmoveable 9-iron that’s managed to lodge and entangle itself with a 3-wood all whilst you’re trying to free the rain jacket that’s been lost in the bundle of equipment and apparel in your bag. 

Once you’ve managed to liberate your club and your jacket from the clutches of your bag, you’ve then got to deal with the shot, all whilst being soaked to the skin from the rain and stressed because of the sheer annoyance of having to deal with your messy golf bag

It’s all hypothetical, but having a messy bag can really mess with your head whilst on the course, and a clear bag is a great start (see also: Shotgun Start In Golf)to having a clear mind, and if you want to compete with the best of the best, then you’re going to need to know where everything is exactly! 

Of course, there are different ways to organize your bag, so it’s entirely up to you how you do it, but here are some of our favorite ways to organize a golf bag (see also: How To Put Clubs In A Golf Bag )!

Golf Clubs

Arguably the most important thing to have organized is your golf clubs, as they are absolutely your most used pieces of equipment whilst on the course!

Typically, modern golf bags will provide you with a number of cuffs at the top of the bag to help you organize your bag, there are many ways of doing this, but it’s important to remember one rule: The longest clubs in your bag should remain nearest to the spine of your bag, and then move downwards towards the smaller clubs that you carry with you.

The one exception to this rule is obviously the putter, which should remain easily accessible at all times! 


There’s no doubt that if your golf bag is unorganized, there’s probably tonnes of unnecessary apparel lingering around the depths of your bag, and all it takes to resolve this is simply just a little bit of organization! 

Typically, most golf bags will have a specific slot or pocket that you can make use of to store all the apparel you like to take out onto the course with you, and you should ensure that all of the apparel you bring along with you is folded properly, as this will prevent any bulging zips or overly creased clothing. 

You might want to consider keeping your hats and various other headwear in a different pocket, as you don’t want them getting wet alongside your soaking waterproofs! 


If your bag has adequate space, then you should try to keep your balls in a pocket all on their own, it means you can easily check how many you have and will have unrestricted access to them too. 

You don’t need to bring loads of balls with you, but you also want to make sure that you don’t run short should any mishaps happen either, we’d recommend bringing 10-12 balls with you for the best amount. 


The way you store accessories in your bag is entirely dependent on how many pockets your bag has because ideally, you’d have enough pockets to keep all of your individual accessories separate from each other.

You should certainly keep your gloves in a separate space, ideally one that is waterproof so that they’re not wet when the time comes for you to wear them. 


Storing your valuable items on the course can be a nervy thing, thankfully most modern bags will have a specific pocket for anything valuable you might have with you, and they also tend to be waterproof too, which should ensure that your mobile phone, car keys, watch, and wallet are all kept dry whilst you play! 


A messy unorganized bag is a recipe for disaster when it comes to bringing food and drink on the course, as any food items that get lost in your bag might then become prone to going moldy and gross, which will ruin any other items that you have left in your bag, or it’ll make your bag smell incredibly bad at the very least!

An insulated pocket is ideal for keeping any of your food items from spoiling whilst on the course, however, if you don’t have any insulated pockets on your golf bag, then you can always bring a small insulated cooler bag to keep your food fresh.


So there you have it, organizing your bag isn’t a difficult task and makes a huge difference once you find yourself out on the course.

It’s all about ensuring that all of your items are kept in their respective places and aren’t jumbled in with each other!

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