How To Put Clubs In A Golf Bag

While it can be tempting to throw all your clubs into a bag so that you can get to the fields and start swinging, it’s worthwhile taking the time to place them in a golf bag correctly not only because this makes the bag a lot easier to carry, but also so that you don’t end up damaging any of your clubs as you walk. 

How To Put Clubs In A Golf Bag

Luckily, you can organize your clubs extremely quickly which is always worth doing so that they remain safe and efficient when it’s time to play.

Here is the best way to organize your clubs into a golf bag so that they won’t become damaged or too heavy when carrying them around. 

Why Is It Important To Organize Clubs Into A Golf Bag?

While there are a few benefits that come from correctly stashing away your clubs, the major reason most experienced golf players will do it is to prevent any potential damage to the expensive clubs since when they are all thrown in together, it can be very easy for the clubs to rub against each other and pick up scratches and dents. 

This can be a nightmare when you’ve recently picked up an expensive club or two, only to find that they have been damaged in some way once you actually come to take them out from the bag.

Keeping the clubs evenly spaced out means there is far less chance of any serious damage being caused, which is never a bad thing when you want to keep them in top condition. 

Another reason is that when you actually come to play, you don’t want to waste time rummaging through your bag to find the right club when you could be playing.

It’s much easier to place the clubs in a specific order so that you can quickly grab them when you need them. 

Finally, organizing clubs and really any golf accessories correctly into a golf bag can alleviate a tremendous amount of weight from your body when you come to carry the bag.

Putting them in randomly can cause the weight of the bag to slant to one side or the other and make carrying much harder than it needs to be, after all, clubs are the heaviest piece of equipment. 

How To Correctly Store Clubs In A Golf Bag

It’s therefore always taking the time to correctly organize your golf clubs so that they remain safe and effective, and once you’ve done it once, it can easily become a good habit for any golf player to pick up. 

Step 1) Organize Clubs By Number 

Start by organizing the clubs by type and number, so that you know which are the biggest and tallest.

This is important since most bags are divided into four sections being the single at the back, two in the center and a single at the front.

Placing the clubs in their specific area is crucial to keeping the overall weight steady and manageable, along with making the clubs easy to find. 

Step 2) Store Tall And Short Clubs

Start by storing the tallest clubs in the back section and the shortest in the front.

This makes it easy to see the clubs when you need a specific one for a certain distance while also keeping the weight nice and balanced out so you won’t need to feel like you’re dragging the bag, but instead carrying it. 

Step 3) Store Woods And Long Irons

Place your long irons and woods in the back compartment and place any middle irons in the left-center section with the shorter irons then placed in the right-center area.

Since they are a lot lighter, wedges and putters should be placed right at the front.

Step 4) Organize Extra Equipment 

In the side pockets, store the most used pieces of equipment including spare balls, tees and ball markers so that they can be taken out easily when you need them.

The less-accessible pockets should be reserved for additional accessories such as any snacks, sunglasses or rule books. 

How To Organize Clubs In A Multi-Section Bag 

While most golf bags will have 4 sections, there are some bigger versions that come equipped with many more such as 14 and 15, or even more individual sections which can make finding your clubs and equipment even easier. 

How To Organize Clubs In A Multi-Section Bag 

If you do use one of these bags, organizing the clubs is done a little differently to make sure they are spaced out equally and evenly.

Start by placing the longest clubs, including any drivers and 3 woods, at the back of the bag and place the remaining clubs in descending order so that they are evenly distributed towards the front where the shortest clubs will be including the putter. 

By spacing the clubs out this way, it makes the bag even easier to carry since the weight is perfectly distributed.

Additionally, it makes finding your clubs far easier as they will be laid out from longest to shortest, giving you an easy way to pick out the equipment you need to make the perfect shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Golf Bag Bounce When I Carry It?

If a golf bag feels a little uncomfortable and especially if it starts bouncing while strapped to your shoulder, it means that the weight is uneven and that there are either spots where no equipment has been stored, or if there’s too much heavy equipment leaning to one side of the bag rather than the other.

Whenever you feel this while carrying a golf bag, it’s always worth setting it down and re-distributing your clubs and equipment fairly to ensure nothing gets in the way of your game. 


Many people just getting started with golfing can often ignore the importance of organizing a golf bag the right way, however, by doing so it makes the entire experience even more enjoyable so you won’t have to worry about any lingering back pains, or searching through your bag to find the right club when it’s time to start swinging.

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