How To Set Up A Golf Bag

If you’re an experienced golfer, then you no doubt have a way of setting up and organizing your golf bag that works for you. However, for more inexperienced golfers, knowing how to set up your golf bag can be a confusing experience.

How To Set Up A Golf Bag

There is no written rule on how golf bags should be set up, but there are some general hints and tips you should adhere to.

Following these rules will make your life on the green much easier as you will always have the club and equipment you need to hand when you need it.

In this article, we will look at how to set up a golf bag. Let’s get started!

How To Arrange Your Golf Clubs

This is the most important part of setting up your golf bag. The designs of golf bags can differ greatly and some will have additional pockets and be made with specific placements in mind.

However, there are still some universal practices that you should try to follow and these should work with virtually any golf bag you will ever purchase.

Step One

When setting up your golf bag, remember that the front of the bag is considered to be the side that is the furthest away from the strap. This is how we will define the front throughout this article.

You should begin by putting all of your woods, your putter, and any hybrid clubs in the front compartment of your bag.

Step Two

In the row behind these clubs, place your long to mid-range irons. This should cover all of your 3 through 7 irons.

You can arrange these clubs even further by placing the 3 iron on the side of the bag that is nearest your body as you carry it.

This means the left-hand side if you carry on your right shoulder and the right-hand side if you carry on your left shoulder. You can then arrange your irons in sizes from 3 to 7.

Step Three

This leaves the final compartment for your short wedges. This is the place for your 8 and 9 irons, sand wedge, pitching wedge, and log wedge if you have one. As we did with the irons, you can arrange these in size order as well.

Typically, this means that your longest clubs sit nearer to the back of the golf bag (see also: How To Put Clubs In A Golf Bag)and the shorter clubs are nearer to the front.

How To Arrange Your Golf Balls And Tees

Ideally, your golf balls should have their own space. This will keep them in better condition and make it easier for you to track how many golf balls you have.

Many golf bags have separate pockets just for golf balls and if your bag does, take advantage of this.

This is also the case with golf tees. These small items are easy to lose track of so give them their own dedicated pocket.

You’ll probably find that your bag has two small pockets on the back of the bag, towards the bottom. The larger and lower of these is for golf balls, and the smaller and higher one is for your golf tees. 

How To Arrange Your Accessories

Arranging your accessories depends completely on how many accessories you have and how many pockets your golf bag has. Let’s look at some of the more common accessories.


Ideally, gloves should have their own pocket and this should be either waterproof or lined so that they don’t get damp.

Playing with damp gloves is a horrible experience and too much water will ruin many pairs. 

Writing Materials

Pens and pencils, as well as markers and pitch forks, can all be placed together. Some bags have a sheath specifically for pens and if yours does, take advantage of this.

Otherwise, you can put these in any small pocket in your bag. It’s not as important if these get wet so don’t worry too much about waterproofing.


It’s becoming more common for modern bags to have a pocket that is specifically for your valuables. They often have a waterproof pocket that can keep your phone and wallet safe while you’re playing your 18 holes.

If you’re in the market for a new golf bag, we would recommend buying one that has one of these pockets. It’s far easier than carrying a second bag or shoving your wallet and phone into your pants pockets.


Most golfers like to carry a towel around the course with them and you have a couple of options for organizing your towel.

The easiest way to keep your towel close at hand is by clipping it to the outside of your bag. It’s very common for golf towels to have a metal ring on them, making it easy to clip them to your bag.

You can also use your bag clip for other items you might frequently need, such as a GPS, laser, or distance-measuring device. These clips are also great for bag-tags and membership tags as well.


No matter how well you plan your golf outings, you’re bound to find a day when the weather is against you and you’ll need an umbrella.

Thankfully, the average golf bag manufacturer is aware of this and has at least one loop that is designed for a full-size golf umbrella.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we looked at how you should set up your golf bag. Although most golf bags have a very similar design and structure they aren’t all the same so these are just general guidelines.

We recommend organizing your clubs in order so that the largest clubs, such as wedges, need the back of the bag and the smaller clubs are at the front. You should also use the specific pockets to keep your golf balls and tees together and tidy.

We hope that the hints and tips in this article will help keep your golf bag organized and save you time when you’re out on the green. Happy golfing!

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