How Wide Is A Golf Cart?

If you are an avid golfer who wants to maintain your golfing hobby on a regular basis, there are several things that you need and there are several things that could be really useful.

The main things that you need are golfing clubs and balls to be able to get your game going, as well as a pass to an actual golf course.

Yet, some of the things that are really useful are the proper shoes, gloves, and of course a golf cart. These little machines are perfect for going round the green and helping you get where you need to go.

However, if you want to buy one, you are going to need to know the dimensions, especially if you want to buy your own and store them on your property.

Today, we are going to look at golf carts properly and see just how wide a golf cart is.

The Normal Dimensions Of A Golf Cart

For those who don’t know, a golf cart is a small motorized vehicle that is designed to carry around a number of golfers and their equipment on a golf course. As such, the vehicles don’t need to be large, and they don’t have to have much power to them.

With this in mind, the dimensions of a golf cart don’t need to be much at all and so don’t vary much. However, due to a golf cart being used to carry differing amounts of equipment and people, they can still vary somewhat.

The smallest golf cart is the two-person golf cart. This is designed for two people and their equipment, with the length of the golf cart being 92 inches (or 7ft 8in). The next one up is the four-person golf cart.

This is designed for four people and their equipment, with the length of the golf cart being 110 inches (or 9ft 2in). The final size of the golf cart is the six-person golf cart. This is designed for six people and their equipment, with the length being 144 inches (or 12ft).

You may have noticed that all these golf carts are missing their width. That is because the width is the same for all of them, being 48 inches in total.

This is important to note, not just because of the question up top, but for the fact that with the width static, each cart gets harder to steer with each size increase in length.

This is true for the height as well, as the height stays between 70 and 80 inches. Due to golf carts not having much power, this is not a huge problem, but it is worth remembering before taking them out for a spin.

Can You Fit A Golf Cart On A Truck Or A Trailer?

How Wide Is A Golf Cart

Some people who saw those dimensions probably thought to themselves that they might reconsider their plans to move the cart without driving it, if they planned to purchase one. After all, they are not as small as they appear when you see people driving them.

While a lot of trucks and trailers will be able to hold a golf cart on their bed easily, there are quite a few that might struggle with this as well. It won’t do any good umming and arring about, and it certainly won’t do you good trying to put it in any way. The thing you need to do now is to measure.

First, you need to measure the truck bed. Most truck beds have around 80 inches to them when you include the tailgate, and it is important that your truck has at least that.

If it doesn’t reach 80 inches at least, then we are sorry, but you are probably not going to fit the cart.

If it is 80 inches or more, then we can move onto the cart. Measure the golf cart from the very front of the cart to the center of the rear tire, as this is the minimum amount of space you need to transport the cart safely.

This measurement will usually be around 75 inches or 6.25 feet in total between these two points and if it is then you should be able to transport it easily.

One other thing to note is that some trucks have surprisingly small width to the bed of them. You may find that you’re able to get the cart lengthwise, but it is wider than the truck. Therefore, make sure to measure the width as well as the length, just in case.

Where Can You Store Your Golf Cart?

After all this hassle of measuring the truck, it is also important to know where you will store the cart in general as well. Most people would suggest the garage and while this is a logical suggestion, we urge you to consider your own garage first.

Most one car garages are barely big enough for one car. They would not fit a golf cart at all. Therefore, if you have a one car garage and a car that goes in there, we would recommend looking elsewhere.

However, if your garage has enough room – measure the spare room first – then it should be perfect for your cart.

You could also always buy a golf cart cover to put over your cart and weatherproof it. This really only works though if you live in a very safe area, it is put in an out-of-the-way place, or you use it regularly enough to keep it in peak condition.

The last place you could store it is in a storage unit. These are great for golf carts, but they can be time-consuming to get to, and they can also be expensive to pay as well. As such, we would suggest the other two options before settling on this one.


Golf carts tend to normally be about 48 inches wide in total, and there is very little variation from that number no matter how long they will get.

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