What Does A Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves?

Cadet golf gloves are made from leather and are designed to wear like a glove. They are designed to improve grip and control without adding bulk. Cadet golf gloves are great for the serious golfer. They offer a glove with maximum grip, durability, and comfort.

This guide will be covering why they are so effective for some people and why they are used in golf, what are their purposes?

What Does A Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves?

What Is It?

Cadet golf gloves are made with a stretch construction for more comfort, flexibility and improved fit, and they’re designed for juniors as well as adults.

These gloves have a different design which tends to fit people much better because they have the larger palms and short fingers. You might notice that many people rip their gloves quite often because their hands do not fit into the gloves well, and the cadet gloves solve this problem.

Cadet Vs Regular Gloves

If you are someone who has really wide palms and short stumpy fingers, you will need to look at changing your gloves from the regular as they will last longer if they fit properly.

The regular gloves are made for both males and females but they have really narrow palms which are uncomfortable for some people. People just prefer the cadet gloves because they have more room to move their hands and don’t feel too tight.

The main difference is the finger space because they have much shorter finger spaces but are much wider.

How Will You Know To Buy A Cadet Glove?

You can always use a glove chart to see whether you need a cadet glove. You can measure your hands with glove charts against a regular glove and if it is not comfortable will need to look at the cadet glove as a substitute.

You can also visit a golf shop and physically try them and check how the gloves feel with your swing. As we know, your grip of the golf club is one of the most important parts of your shot.

You need tofeed comfortably and not too tight or too loose.

Asking for assistance from people who work in these stores is another great way to get effective advice. They have the knowledge to help you find the best glove for you as everyone’s is different!

Different Cadet Sizes Available

It might surprise you, but they do not actually make these types of gloves for both women and left handers. Women would still be able to wear these gloves but they might not be completely fitted well.

There have been statistics made concerning the amount of people who wear cadet gloves which is around 20% of the population. This is quite a big market for cadet gloves and more people are realizing that there is something for people with bigger palms.

Why Do Golfers Wear Gloves?

A glove is a thin-soled covering worn by golfers and other sports players to protect their hands from injury. They also keep their hands warm.

Golfers are also known to wear gloves to protect their hands from getting blisters.Golfers wear gloves to keep their knuckles clean when they pick up the club. The skin between the knuckles and the fingers is very sensitive.

A golf glove is a piece of equipment that is used during the game of golf. The glove is used to protect the player’s hand and to keep the club from slipping.

What Does A Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves?

Should A Golf Glove Be Tight?

If your golf glove is too loose, you might be sacrificing some of your grip. Learn how to find the right fit for your grip and playing style, and then use the tips to maintain a good feel while still getting the most playability from your glove.

The golf glove should be tight enough so it can be stretched to fit the hand. If it is too tight, it is likely to cause a blister. But if it is too loose, it will not provide the necessary hold and comfort to the hand.

It just needs to feel like your second skin, like it is not even there. There shouldn’t be any loose material because this can become irritating and distracting while you’re playing.

Do All Pro Golfers Wear Gloves?

It is very rare for pro golfers to not wear gloves but there are some who haven’t in the past. Most pro (see also: Golf Pros Make?)golfers will choose to wear them because it keeps their hands protected and helps with the grub on the club.


Overall, golf gloves are a very important part of a golfer’s equipment and you will realize that when you start wearing one. Even though you do not have to wear a glove when you play, it has its benefits.

Cadet gloves are a great example of a newer glove model that is specifically made forpeople with wider hands. Regular golf gloves are very small and thick to look at which means that they can easily rip on wider hands.

Find the best gloves for you and enhance your grip! Hopefully this guide has helped you understand what type of glove you might need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves?

Cadet gloves are used to provide tactile sensation to a variety of tasks. These gloves are made of neoprene, a soft, flexible, and durable material that provides a sensitive and safe grip. They are made for men and people who are right handed who have bigger palms and wider, short fingers.

Why Do Golfers Only Use One Glove?

Why do golfers only use one glove? This is one of the most common questions I get asked. From there, the conversation usually veers off into the realm of golf. You do not get any extra benefit from wearing two, so there is no point in buying two.

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