What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

Many beginner golfers are guilty of disregarding the significance of golf gloves. Professional players know that the fit of a glove can make a world of difference in terms of a good or bad game.

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On

Gloves can improve your golf game, but they will also protect your hands in harsh weather conditions. 

You may see a lot of golfers wear a glove on one of their hands instead of both. Despite this, there is no strict rule that dictates that you can’t wear a pair of gloves.

Another confusing element is that some players take off their gloves for particular shots, or choose to forgo gloves entirely. 

This may make you wonder, what hand should you wear a golf glove on, and can this choice affect your golf game?

You’ll find out the answer in this post, including some tips that can help you when selecting your golf gloves. 

Do You Wear A Golf Glove On Your Right or Left Hand?

There are lots of different types of golf gloves available to purchase, but the ones you wear on the golf course, as well as whether you wear them or not, are purely down to your preference.

Golfers tend to wear a single glove on their non-dominant hand.

Right-handed people would wear a glove on their left hand, while left-handed people wear one on their right. 

Your weaker hand is also referred to as the lead hand. In the case of right-handed people, the lead hand would be the left hand.

This hand would lead your golf swing as it would be on top of your grip. 

The dominant, stronger hand, isn’t kitted with a glove, as many golfers feel as though this helps them grip the club better.

This is the same reason why some golfers won’t wear any gloves for putts and short iron shots. 

How To Get The Right Size Gloves

If you choose to wear a single, or a pair of gloves, it’s very important to make sure that these fit correctly.

The majority of golf glove brands make their products in several sizes to fit a lot of different hand shapes. 

Your golfing gloves shouldn’t be constricting, but they should be comfortable and snug.

Make sure that you try on several options as they will all fit and feel differently depending on the brand that you try.

Your gloves should fit snugly along your palm, but they shouldn’t be tight.

If they feel like they are going to cut off your circulation after a while, you’ll need a bigger size!

Try on a range of sizes and styles to see which ones you prefer.

Your hand should be able to curl into a fist, while your fingers should be able to stretch freely without feeling restricted.

By the same token, there shouldn’t be any loose fabric or spare material gathering at the end of the fingers.

Higher-end golf shops may let you take practice swings with their clubs to see if the gloves are right for you. 

You can also find specific ranges made for women golfers and children with smaller hands. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing Golfing Gloves

Things To Consider When Purchasing Golfing Gloves

Here are some things to go over when selecting a pair of golf gloves.


As mentioned above, the gloves should be close-fitting, but not too tight or too loose. Gloves that have spare fabric around the fingers, or are too tight around the hands, will affect your swing and your grip on the club. 

Your gloves should reduce how much your hand moves while you grip the club. Aim to find ones that feel like a second skin. 

A lot of players become comfortable with a particular brand and choose to stick with products from that company.

Products from each brand will feel differently on the hand, even if they are of the same glove size.


There are many rules in golf, including ones that cover your gloves.

There are regulations about the design, fit, and style of the gloves to ensure that they don’t interfere with the game or give a player a particular advantage.

Your gloves cannot give you any extra features or upgrades that may unfairly affect your game.

The regulations are very particular about style, materials, and fit.

If you are playing in a new tournament or course, double-check before playing to ensure your gloves follow local rules.

Weather Conditions

If you wear golf gloves, the weather on that day will affect your choice of gloves.

Gloves that are made from soft leather are best for decent weather.

These will fit comfortably without overheating the hand. They will also give a stable grip on the club while you take a swing. 

If you are playing in wet weather, smooth leather isn’t a good choice. Leather can also become brittle and hard over time, unless you take good care of it.

Synthetic gloves are ideal in mixed conditions, as these will last longer during long sessions on the golf course.

It’s a good idea to invest in a special pair of wet-condition gloves for rainy days.

These will ensure your hands stay dry while you swing. The wetter the conditions become, the more grip the gloves will deliver. 

Should You Purchase One or Two Gloves?

You should always purchase a pair of gloves, as there may be an occasion where you require both.

Many players keep a variety of gloves that suit different environments in their bags.

For instance, in winter, you’ll need a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm in icy conditions.

There may be times when gloves aren’t required to improve your performance, but are needed for comfort and functionality.

The Bottom Line

Golf gloves can make a difference to your game, as they help improve your grip on the club while you swing. 

There are no rules dictating what hand you should wear your glove on, but players tend to wear one on their non-dominant hand.

You can also choose to wear gloves on both of your hands if you prefer. 

Make sure that your golf gloves fit properly and that they follow your local regulations surrounding the fit, design, and style of the gloves.

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