What Is A Double Eagle In Golf?

A double eagle is a hole in one where the ball lands in the cup on the first run of the ball. What is a double eagle in golf? There is a lot of terminology to learn when it comes to golf and it will help you understand the game further.

A double eagle refers to a hole-in-one that results in a score of two under par (i.e., a hole-in-one with a score of two strokes under par). A double eagle is a rare achievement in golf, and it is not possible to achieve it usually as a beginner!

What Is A Double Eagle In Golf?

This guide will be covering how elegant an eagle is in golf and what the terminology means in the game! Find out more here. Here are some tips on playing the double eagle game and what to do if you get it.

What Is The History?

Some people either know this shot as an albatross (see also:  Albatross In Golf)shot or double eagle, but they both have the same meaning. For someone to get this score, they need to be 3 under par.

To explain how the system works, for each hole they have different numbers of par for how many shots it should take you to complete the hole. If you play this hole in under the amounts of expected shots, you get a better score. However, if you take too many shots then you will go over par.

How Common Are They?

Most people will most likely never score a double eagle in their life because it is very rare and can sometimes just be pure luck on the day for professionals. Professional golfers practice every single day to make shots like that, improving their technique and skill to achieve the best scores.

An average golfer is not putting as much time and effort into their skill and technique to be able to make those types of shots. This is because you have to have both the distance and the technique to pull it off.

For an albatross shot you will have to have two perfect shots with no room for any mistakes.

First Albatross

The first ever albatross that was recorded by Gene Sarazen in 1935. This shot made him level with his competitor and ended up winning the competition in the end.

There are some other players you might recognize called Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els, and Padraig Harrington who have all completed albatross shots.

Is Albatross And Double Eagle The Same?

They both have the same type of meaning in terms of how many strokes under par they have. You might have heard double eagles in both the UK and the US more often.

Albatross has been around for years. Double eagle was first mentioned in the US in a newspaper and has been kept around ever since.

How To Boost Your Chances?

There are several ways you are able to increase your chances of ever scoring an albatross and it is mainly down to increasing your distance.

  • Natural elements – you can use the natural elements to help you to create distance because the wind can help the ball travel further. However, you will need the experience because it can also make the shot a lot hard for you too!
  • Elevation – it is something to get your head around as a golfer and it comes with practice. You don’t want the ball to be rolling further than you intended when you’re in highland areas!
  • Obstacles – there are also man made obstacles which you need to maneuvre your way around. They can also offer a little extra boost!
A double eagle is one of the rarest possible scores in golf, which makes it an exciting but difficult feat to achieve. Find out more here.

How Many Golfers Have Had A Double Eagle?

There have been a few professional golf players who have scored a double eagle in their career but it is not very common.

There was one golfer who was actually able to repeat their double eagle called Jeff Maggert. He managed to score this in 1994 and 2001!

What Is The Difference Between An Eagle And A Double Eagle In Golf?

An eagle is 2-under par. Double that —a double eagle —and it would be 4-under par. “That’s American mathematics for you,” Hunter Mahan said.

It is very difficult to get either of these but it definitely is not impossible. Golf is about technique and skill but also your luck on the day. You must swing with confidence and power.


Overall, there is lots of different terminology and jargon that is used by the golfing society to explain the rules.

To anyone who is quite new to golf, it is important to get to know this information to understand the game better.

It can also be very helpful for you to understand the history of the game if it is really interesting to know about the past legends and how well they used to play with less scientific knowledge of aerodynamics and we’re still performing at a high standard.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand exactly what these terms mean and how rare they can be. It can be very interesting to see these types of shots in action because the atmosphere at these events are incredible for anyone.

If you’re someone who is looking to get into golf at any point, these will be some of the most exciting shots to watch when learning about accuracy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Rare Is A Double Eagle In Golf?

A double eagle is a rare occurrence in golf. It is rarer than a hole-in-one, and even rarer than a hole-in-two. 6-million-to-1, although some think it might be closer to 1 million to 1.

Is A Double Eagle Good At Golf?

Yes! It is very rare for many people to achieve double eagles unless they are a professional. It requires a great deal of power and speed to get that distance you need to cover the land and get as close as possible to the flag.

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