What Is Ball Ammo?

Golf balls can be an expensive part of playing a few rounds. For those that can expect to lose a few balls, it may be a better idea to buy some cheaper balls, specifically ball ammo. Like a lot of things, buying in bulk can make a big difference to a budget and the same can be said for golf balls.

What Is Ball Ammo

With 30 balls in an ammo box, you can benefit from an affordable price, even when you lose a few balls each time you head out to the green. In this guide, we will look at what ball ammo is, the versatility of the golf balls, and the grade of golf balls to look out for.

What Is Ball Ammo?

Ball ammo is a cost-effective way to use golf balls whenever you head out onto the green. Modern golf balls have a longer lifespan and should remain playable for a longer period of time.

Those used or previously lost golf balls can be recycled and processed in huge amounts to be used again and redistributed as ball ammo. What could be a set of golf balls that sits around being left redundant can be given a new set of life as ball ammo. 

With ball ammo, you can also have the peace of mind of using an eco-friendly way of playing golf. Instead of going out and buying another brand-new set of golf balls, ball ammo can still feature balls that appear new and they will perform.

The balls may have a logo, a few minor marks, or even a player pen mark but they will be near mint condition in a lot of cases. The only issues you may see are some light scuffs, perhaps some minor discoloration, and some cosmetic blemishes. 

The Versatility Of Ball Ammo

Without being wholly specific, ball ammo has a significant element of versatility that may be missing from many other golf balls. If you want balls that you can pick up and go with then ball ammo has that versatility as they may have already been played. Ball ammo can be used for weekend golf, a bit of driving range practice, or even tournament play.

With each practice, you can get used to ball ammo like any other set of golf balls. There is also the chance that ball ammo is simply used by various golf ball manufacturers for a batch that cannot make it to the shops. This could mean a perfectly fine ball that has logo overruns or balls where the logo has been missing. Instead of discarding the balls, they are given a new life as ball ammo. 

The Grade Of Golf Balls You Can Expect From Ball Ammo

The grade of golf balls for ball ammo may vary and you could get a batch of balls that appear as if they have just come from a new sleeve. As recycled balls, they could be classed as Pristine which is typically when they come without a logo.

This version of ball ammo will still be AAAAA or ‘5A No Logo’ and 1st Quality yet only around 5% of recycled balls are typically pristine. If they are, they should appear without any player markings, scuffing, or marks as they should have never been hit or played with.

Then there are Factory Refinished golf balls which should also come with a discernible lack of player markings or the logos you would expect. This ball ammo will still look new, and still play as you would expect a new golf ball to play, but will be new, and gone through a refinished process.

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This should mean processing that includes the ball being stripped, stamped, painted, and then having a new coating applied. One thing to remember with this ball ammo is that the process renders the original manufacturer’s warranty as obsolete as they have not been endorsed to be refinished. 

Further down the scale are AAAA or ‘4A’ golf balls that are classed as 2nd Quality and Grade A. This ball ammo will still be recycled but considered near mint as they have either minor marking or small scuffs and surface scratches.

They will still be highly playable yet have the appearance of a batch of balls that have gone through around 12 to 18 holes. You can also expect corporate logos to feature on the golf balls though these are not ideal for a low handicapper who would be expected to play with ‘5A’ golf balls should they play a few rounds every week.

Cosmetically challenged golf balls should be classed as AAA or ‘3A’ which are known as 3rd Quality. These are Grade B recycled golf balls which will look markedly more played than AAAA or AAAAA ball ammo.

You can expect some discoloration, blemishes, scuffing, player markings, a team corporate logo, and a generally worn appearance. For those starting to learn the game of golf, these AAA balls are ideal as they can be seen as practice balls for first-timers without the financial burden of losing a few.  

Final Thoughts

For golfers that are losing a golf ball every fourth swing, the experience can be made wholly more enjoyable. Should you know roughly how much the ball cost when you lose it, the financial burden becomes easier to bear with ball ammo.

New balls can be comparatively expensive and yet you can still fire them off and quickly lose them. While you are still improving your aim, and your swing, get some ball ammo to make it less painful if you do lose one.

Frequently Asked Questions

In What Quantity Does Ball Ammo Appear In?

You should be buying ball ammo in bulk to make a great saving. That typically means buying an ‘ammo box’ of 12, 30, or even 36 balls at a time. The value can come in how often you expect to lose a ball and how often you play.

If you have a good record of finding your balls and not losing them in the water or the rough then perhaps a box of 12 is a good investment. 

What Disclaimer Can I Expect With Ball Ammo?

As ball ammo tends to feature used and recycled golf balls, they are subject to certain variations in performance as opposed to new golf balls. They will not be endorsed by the manufacturer, even if the logo remains on the ball. Ball ammo does not fall under the warranty from the original manufacturer either. 

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