Why Do Caddies Wear White Jumpsuits At The Masters? 

For those of you out there who fall in the category of being golfing lovers, there are many time honored traditions that are interesting to learn about. The masters is probably one of the most exciting tournaments to watch, and features many different customs that have existed since its inception. 

Why Do Caddies Wear White Jumpsuits At The Masters 

One of these customs is having the tournament held in the same venue each year, and the caddies adopting white jumpsuits instead of the regular polo shirts. If you’ve found yourself wanting to know more about some of the traditions celebrated at the golfing masters tournament, then keep reading, as we take a look below. 

What Do Caddies Typically Wear? 

Most of you will be aware of the fact that donning white jumpsuits isn’t the typical attire for golfing caddies. In fact, there are no strict rules and regulations about what caddies should and shouldn’t wear to tournaments. 

Most of the time, you’ll typically witness regular golfing caddies wearing polo neck shirts, as well as a pair of shorts. They will also usually wear a bib which contains the name of the person they’re caddying for, as well as the specific sponsor. 

Most of the time, caddies (see also: Fore Caddy?)are free to wear whatever they and their player decide upon, but for tournaments such as the masters, there are specific guidelines which need to be followed. 

Why Do Caddies Wear White Jumpsuits In The Masters? 

If you’re wondering why caddies (see also: Caddy Girls)wear white jumpsuits, the answer actually dates back quite a few decades. 

Originally, in 1933, when the first masters tournament began, caddies who worked at the club were made to wear white uniforms. The people who were employed during this period in time typically came from poor backgrounds, and working here was considered to be a privilege. 

Augusta National decided that in order to make their caddies look as smart as possible, as well as creating a coherent look, they would need to dress them in uniforms. The uniforms that they chose were a stark white color, and became a standard for those working there. Along with this, they were also required to adopt a green cap. 

Eventually, the rules relaxed a little, and players were no longer expected to use the caddies provided by Augusta National. Instead, they were allowed to bring their own caddies along with them, but despite this, they still had to follow the rule of wearing the white jumpsuit and green hat. 

What Is The Number Found On The Back Of The Jumpsuit? 

Those of you reading this article will probably also be wondering what the number signifies on the back of the caddie’s jumpsuit. 

The caddie will typically have the name of the player that they are working for on the back of the jumpsuit, so that it’s easily discernible. As well as this though, there is also a unique number on the front of their jumpsuits. 

In keeping with the colors of the tournament, the lettering of both the player’s name and the number will appear in green. The number is a signifier of the order in which the caddies have registered their position throughout the week, rather than their world ranking. 

There is however, one exception to this rule. The caddie who is responsible for working for the reigning champion will always don the number 1 on the front of their suit. 

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Do The Caddies Keep The Suits? 

Some of you may be wondering if the caddies get (see also: How Much Does The Masters Winner’s Caddie Get?)to keep the suits after the tournament is finished, after all, they don’t work for Augusta National. There is one time honored tradition that has been in place for many years to do with this. 

Many of you will already be aware of the fact that the winning golfer of the masters tournament will be awarded the green jacket. They are able to take this green jacket home with them, but are only allowed to keep it for one year until the next tournament takes place. 

There is a variation of this tradition to do with the caddies too. The caddie who has supported the winning player will actually get to take home their uniform. Unlike the golfers, they won’t be required to give this back after a year, and will actually get to keep it indefinitely. 

All of the other caddies, however, will be required to relinquish their uniforms at the end of the tournament. 

Other Traditions 

There are many traditions that help to make the masters tournament unique, and many of them have existed for decades. 

One of the most unusual is skipping balls across the pond as a method of practicing. Golfers will compete against each other in attempting to get the ball to skip all the way across the pond. If they manage to do so, they will receive massive cheers from the crowd. 

Much different to other golfing tournaments, the masters actually has a lot of trophies handed out along the way. That’s right, the trophy isn’t just reserved for the champion. Other players can win items such as crystal bowls and vases based on shots that they’ve made. 

Finally, there is also a tradition that all of the reporters and journalists stand under the magnificent oak tree in Augusta National at the commencement of the tournament. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, wearing white jumpsuits is a tradition that has been honored by Augusta National since 1933. The caddies who participate in the tournament will wear a stark white jumpsuit, along with a green cap, along with the name of their player on the back of the uniform. 

The caddie supporting the winning player will get to keep their jumpsuit after the tournament has finished. 

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