About Us

Golf is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable hobbies out there, and anyone who gets into it falls in love with it. What are you waiting for?

Hi, my name is Garratt Shmidt and I have been playing golf in my spare time for almost a decade.

Before I found a passion for golf, I didn’t see the appeal. I thought it was slow, repetitive, and quite frankly boring.

It took months of one of my business associates asking me to play a round with him for me to finally accept.

I went with low expectations that were all blasted out of the water.

Since then, I have been back every weekend and whenever I can get a few hours away from my busy schedule. 

Garratt Shmidt

It keeps me present and peaceful, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than walking around the course as the sun rises early in the morning. 

I first discovered golf in my mid-30s, but I wish I’d known about it sooner. That is why I have created this website – to hopefully encourage more people to enjoy golf and reap its benefits.

Please, enjoy my website. And who knows, maybe I’ll see you on the green one day!