Can You Bring Your Own Clubs To Topgolf?

TopGolf has now become extremely popular in communities all over the United States. That is because it is very entertaining and accessible for anyone, regardless of their golf skills and experience. However, not everyone knows what it’s like to visit Topgolf to the point where people might even be confused as to whether or not they can, and should, bring their own clubs.

Can You Bring Your Own Clubs To Topgolf?

If you are also wondering about it as well as what you should do, keep on reading below to get the answers you need!

Can You Bring Your Own Clubs To Topgolf?

The majority of driving ranges require you to bring your golf clubs or rent them if you want to practice your swing. However, you do not need to rent clubs at TopGolf simply because they are obtainable across all hitting bays and for all golfers.

So, golf players are welcome to carry their clubs to TopGolf, but they are not required to do so. The clubs are provided at no cost and are available in a variety of sizes and designs. It is not necessary for female golf players, junior golf players, or seniors to be worried about selecting golf clubs that will facilitate their swing, as there is something for everyone there.

Even though the clubs Topgolf offers aren’t the best-quality golf clubs from big manufacturers, they do still provide players with the comfort and quality needed to enjoy the game. And given that they have to pay no money at all, they really are a value-for-money option.

As a result, if you’re unfamiliar with the sport and are curious to see if you’ll enjoy it, TopGolf is a fantastic starting point. Once you practice your first shots and test the equipment, you might indeed discover that the game is both enjoyable and addictive. You can then move ahead and purchase your own set of golf clubs.

Should You Bring Your Own Golf Clubs At TopGolf?

You could be wondering what is most practical for you now that we have clarified that bringing your own golf clubs to TopGolf is doable. Should you carry your own equipment with you or not? Here are some factors that will help you decide on that:


When visiting a TopGolf venue that is away from home, you will probably be better off not carrying anything heavy on you, especially things like your golf clubs. In addition to that, even though TopGolf is a great place to practice your skills, it is mostly a venue for friends and families to go and have fun.

So, even if you are a professional player, you should perhaps head there just for fun and not mind holding the perfect golf club.

Reason For Visiting

While we did just mention that even professionals might want to keep it simple at TopGolf, the reason for your visit there can, nevertheless, influence your decision on whether or not you’ll bring your clubs. Are you just going to be looking around? Do you participate in local activities or league teams? Do you want to improve a specific aspect of your golf game?

For example, if you are participating in a team and have been doing well the whole season, it is prudent to carry your clubs and be fully prepared for the shots that are coming your way. So, take that into account and decide accordingly.

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Waiting Time

People with no reservations might find it inconvenient to stand and wait with their clubs. While TopGolf venues have eateries and bars where you can grab a bite to eat or a beverage before your game, waiting in line with a heavy bag is tiring. Fortunately, the majority of TopGolf venues have storage areas for you to leave your equipment while waiting.


Several people are concerned about having to hit the balls off of mats and how that can affect their golf play and clubs. The real issue, though, with having to hit from mats is that you risk injuring your wrists and hands rather than your clubs. Hitting regularly off of mats could cause long-term injuries to the players’ bodies.

Nevertheless, every TopGolf facility is well-constructed and uses great-quality mats and supplies. The liner beneath these mats is enough to withstand the shock from golf shots. Therefore, the venues can offer you easy swing and reduced risk of injuries or club damage.

Is TopGolf Expensive?

TopGolf is frequently mentioned as being pricey, and it is occasionally. Even so, if you want to practice golf without having to buy your own set of golf clubs, this is probably the best deal you’ll find. Although all TopGolf sites belong to the same organization, there may be minor differences in procedures and policies from one place to the other.

If you would like to be absolutely sure the clubs are indeed accessible before your visit to one of their spots, a phone call is all you need to make. However, if you are a professional or at least not an amateur player randomly enjoying the sport once in a while, the idea of bringing your own clubs is a wise one that can offer you a better and more productive time at the venue.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you can have a better understanding of the decision-making process that occurs when it comes to the choice of bringing one’s golf clubs to a TopGolf venue or not. TopGolf is an amazing venue to hone your golf skills and improve your precision. However, the main reason TopGolf is so popular is that it is a lot of fun.

So, even though you can freely carry your own golf clubs there to master your game, you might be better off if you simply leave them at home and enjoy some leisure golf time. You can always bring your top game to the real gold course, so why not simply enjoy this experience without having to be perfect?

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