How Fast Do Golf Carts Go?

Golf carts are known for being the quickest way to get across some of the larger golf courses between shots. It is also a great way to keep all your stuff together and not have to carry it for miles too!

This guide will be covering how fast golf carts can go and some examples of the faster one and which ones are more commonly used by golf courses. Find out more here!

The Speed It Should Be Going

There are obviously speeds that golf courses physically can go and also speeds that it should be going for your safety. As you probably know, golf courses can be quite busy and there will be other carts around, so it is just like driving a car.

You need to make sure you are going at a safe speed to protect yourself, the others in your cart, other people around you, and your equipment. If you start speeding around, you could potentially lose some of your equipment from the back or damage it.

Golf equipment is very expensive, so you definitely do not want to be doing that! When looking at the average speed that most golf carts go, you are looking at around 14-15 mph which is not very fast at all, but it all depends on your surroundings.

They only go up to this speed because owners do not want people zooming around at high speeds on their property where there could be multiple accidents. If you have children involved, this can also be a huge issue.

Modified Golf Carts

If you just have a regular golf cart, you won’t be able to go any faster than 15 mph, but some people get their carts modified to go faster.

You can upgrade your golf cart if you do not think this is fast enough for you, but if you are on a regular golf course, they will most likely just have regular carts to use.

There are also different golf carts which are powered differently. You have either gas or electric golf carts, but how different are they in terms of speed?

Electric Vs Gas

The two types of powers are very similar in speed if you are looking to buy one. You will have to modify the cart for it to surpass the max of 15mph. However, the electric carts do have some disadvantages when it comes to power.

If you find yourself out on the golf course for a long time, the power in the cart might start to reduce because it needs charging and this can affect the speed you are traveling at. You will feel the cart start to slow down.

Advantages Of 48 Volt Cart

There are several advantages to choosing a 48 volt cart instead of a 36 volt and it is all down to power. Even though the two carts will each have the same maximum speed, the 48 volts has more power. Here are some of the advantages listed:

  • Acceleration – the electric cart with higher voltage will be more powerful in the sense of being able to pick up speed faster. It is the same as a car, some cars take longer to build up speed and others have that larger engine and quicker build up speeds.
  • With a higher voltage, you are also able to go further for longer and will not need charging as much as the other cart.
  • The power also relates to how fast it can accelerate on different ground and surfaces. With the 48 volts, you will be able to get up the hills easier and drive over uneven ground much easier too.

How To Increase The Speed Of Your Golf Cart?

There are several ways you are able to increase the speed of your personal golf cart. This includes different upgrades which will increase the speed overall.

  • You can increase the size of the tires
  • Motor upgrade
  • Speed chip

The speed regulations are there for a reason because of safety precautions and to protect yourself and others. However, to be able to remove these regulations you will need to reprogramme the carts computer system to remove the limitations. You can do this through the speed chips and codes.

If you aren’t willing to go through this process, you are able to just change the tires for larger ones because that will also help with increasing speed. This is because it will cover more distance in a short amount of time!

What Was The Fastest Golf Cart?

Most golf carts are between the 12-15 mph mark because it is what is deemed as a safe speed for traveling around golf courses. However, some people have modified their golf carts to reach extremely high speeds.

The fastest golf cart ever went up to a whopping 120mph with lots of modified aspects. This is not a normal speed for a golf cart and was for a world record. When regular golf carts are modified for regular use, they usually go up to about 24mph max.


Overall, golf carts all have different speeds depending on the brand of cart and whether you own it or not. You are able to make modifications to your cart which will increase the speed, but you need to make sure you are able to use them on private golf courses as they might have regulations for safety.

Hopefully this guide has been informative convening everything you need to know about the speed of golf carts and the different types.

There are many different options that you can buy for your personal use and you can make small changes to help increase your speed, but you also need to think about the power you need.

Do you also want an electric or gas golf cart? There are similarities and differences between them!

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