How To Get Back Spin On A Golf Ball

Getting the golf ball onto the green takes precision, power, and skill. Pretty much every shot you hit with a golf ball will have some element of back spin, which includes with a driver when you want the ball to travel far.

However, when the green is in sight you want to hit the golf ball with enough back spin so that it stops quickly exactly where you want it to. There are several ways to master this difficult skill and one of those is simply to hit the golf ball harder to create more spin.

How To Get Back Spin On A Golf Ball

The distance you intend to deliver the golf ball will go some way to determine how much back spin you want to be applied. In this guide, we will look at how to get back spin on a golf ball and why a golfer should learn this skill. We will also look at what is back spin in the first place.

How To Get Back Spin On A Golf Ball

For a lot of golfers, hitting the ball with the right amount of back spin should mean that it only rolls a little after landing. Achieving this requires a few elements, some of which occur before you even strike the golf ball. These steps include the right ball, the right golf club, and even the cleanliness of grooves before you even come to strike the golf ball.

  • Get the right golf ball that is more inclined to spin and not simply to travel well. That means steering away from the likes of Top Flite and Pinnacles towards a wound-construction golf ball with a soft core. 
  • Use a lofted club which will give the golf ball a higher elevation so it should stop quicker when it hits the intended target of the green.
  • Check that the grooves of the golf club are clean as this can have a discernible effect on the back spin. Should the grooves be caked in mud and grass then they will not have enough of an impact to create back spin. 
  • When it does come to the swing, this should be delivered with some speed behind it. The quicker the swing, the faster the golf club will arrive on impact, and the more spin will be applied.
  • As you swing, try to make a downward strike onto the golf ball. Hit the back of the golf ball first prior to hitting the turf. You may want to arrive at the ball a touch back in your stance then lean into the front foot. This swing should mean that the golf club is picked up a bit more steeply on your back swing.  
  • Finally, there is the green itself to consider. A slow green will typically have long and uneven grass so the golf ball may not roll much at all. You are more likely to achieve back spin with a green that has a close cut, fast surface.

What Is Back Spin?

Back spin is the backward rotation that is applied to a golf ball when it is struck and traveling through the air. That back spin can also help move the golf ball to go right or left with some element of control. Another feature of back spin is that it helps the golf ball land at a spot on the green without traveling much further. 

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Why A Golfer Should Learn How To Get Back Spin On A Golf Ball

The main reason for applying back spin to a golf ball is to achieve lift so that it goes further. This is primarily to do with the dimples on the golf ball’s surface as they create the lift to propel the ball higher and to travel further. With insufficient back spin, the dimples fail to create much lift and the ball fails to go as far as you would like. 

Furthermore, a golfer should learn how to apply back spin as it becomes particularly useful for controlling how and where a ball lands. That control is really handy during the short game, especially just before you head to the green.

Getting the golf ball to stop just where you want it to can prove a real advantage for your next shot which is, hopefully, a short putt. Without that spin, you may allow the golf ball to risk something and deviate away from the hole, even over the green entirely. 

Final Thoughts

While many believe that learning back spin is primarily for the short game, it is also important when it comes to using a driver. Those backward rotations help achieve lift and getting the ball to go further should mean fewer shots in the long run.

You do not need a degree in physics to learn how to achieve back spin but it is an important skill to master. There are several key elements to learn that have an impact on back spin so practice them when you can to get the most impact out of that crucial rotation of the golf ball.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Softer Golf Balls Achieve More Spin?

Generally, a golf ball with a higher compression rating to indicate a harder ball should spin more. The spin can also be controlled more effectively for approach shots. Softer golf balls tend to spin less but can travel further when hit with a longer club. However, this tendency does mean that controlling the landing is typically less precise. 

What Are The Benefits Of Striking A Golf Ball With A Minimal Amount Of Spin?

Striking a golf ball with a low amount of spin should mean that it travels on a straighter trajectory. That should mean that the golf ball also travels further as the ball deviates less and has fewer backward rotations.

For golfers with higher handicaps, learning how to strike a golf ball with minimal spin is a good skill to learn as they achieve more distance. 

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