What Is A Draw In Golf?

There are many different types of terminology and jargon when it comes to golf which you might not understand.

If you’re new to golf and you’re trying to learn some of the language to understand the sport better, simple terms like this are a great place to start!

What Is A Draw In Golf?

This article will be covering exactly what a draw is in gold and why the term is used. It will also be outlining what the benefits are to use this and explain it simply so it is easy for you to understand!

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What Is A Draw?

Golf is a sport which requires a great deal of control and a lot of practice to become good.

Therefore, if you’re just starting out, you might just be learning the basics and learning how to draw in golf will most likely come a bit later. The practice is all about being able to shape your shotsand knowing how to aim for where you want to go.

A draw shot is super important because it also allows you to take into account anything that might be in the way of your shot and how you can go around those sorts of obstacles.

The actual draw shot is where you will hit the ball and it will curve then go back straight where you want it to go. The main difficulty with this type of shot is knowing how far out to bring the curve and making sure it comes back in after hitting the target (see also: Why Do Golfers Yell Fore? ).

Some people will over hit the ball and it wont allow the ball the curve properly and move back in.

It can also become an issue where the ball can travel even further left on the way back than you intended and becomes a hook instead of a draw which can be very frustrating and can put you in a harder position to hit from.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Draw Method?

One of the main benefits to this type of shot and being able to master it is having an optimal fairway position.

You want to set yourself up really well for your next shot and not leave yourself somewhere that is hard to get out of. It adds a huge advantage to getting to the green quicker.

However, this is also commonly used to avoid dogleg holes. If you don’t use this type of shot, you have to rely on hitting it straight which can be very difficult and needs a great deal of precision.

Another benefit also includes having lower ball flight. To hit a good draw shot, it requires having the club face closed with a back all position. This is mainly used in windy conditions to remove the variable of wind from your shot.

Avoiding trouble is also another benefit of the draw shot. There are a huge amount of obstacles that will be in your way on a golf course which you will want to avoid to get you in a good position.

Using this shot will help you fly straight round them and get you in a good position with less shots being taken.

What Is A Draw In Golf?

Draw And Fade Shots

There are several differences between these two types of shots you also need to know and understand to really master them!

The shape of the shots are very different in the sense that they fly differently. They take opposite paths because for a draw shot you will be hitting it right and curving back left for a controlled landing.

However, a fade shop is starting from the left and moves right, always going towards the flag.

When it comes to how you need to be standing for these shots they also differ.

For example, for the draw shot you need to be aligning your feet more to the right of the landing area because the ball needs to draw back.

However, for a fade shot, your feet should be facing more to the left as you are aiming differently.

Adjusting Your Grip For A Draw Shot

Another important point for making your draw shot great is adjusting how you are gripping the club.

You need to make sure that you have a really strong grip on the club to make sure you are controlling your swing as much as you can.

You are looking for a quick impact with this shot and you should be able to see quite a bit of your left hand.

The way you hold your clubs is more important than you think because they can create different effects.

Controlling The Club Face

It is also very important that you are hitting the ball with the correct part of the club face for the best result.

You need to make sure you are not opening the club face too much because the more open it becomes, the more difficult it will be to make it square again.

You also need to be avoiding side spin on the ball too because this is what makes the curve larger. It needs to be a controlled curve to have ultimate impact.


Overall, golf is a very technically difficult sport which takes a lot of practice to perfect. There are lots of small areas which need to be learnt including grip, swing and alignment.

It can be difficult to get your head around at first because you need that muscle memory from your practice to perfect it which takes time.

Hopefully this guide has outlined some of the most important information about the draw shot and will get you started on doing a successful shot in the future.

The shot is beneficial to you as a golfer and should be perfected with both irons and drivers.

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