What Is The Best Brand Of Golf Ball? (10 Examples)

What Is The Best Brand Of Golf Ball (10 Examples)

Your golf balls will follow you around every single hole of golf you play, making them just as integral to your game as your golf clubs are.

Regardless of the type of golfer that you are, there is a golf ball out there that is designed just for you and your game.

That’s why we’re going to look at the best brand of golf balls in this article. We will list the best 10 examples in alphabetical order.


Bridgestone is one of the more famous golf ball manufacturers and this is for good reason. The Tour B RX ball is best for golfers that don’t have the highest swing speeds but still want the best performance from their golf balls.

The compression rating of the golf balls is a medium 75. The core has a lower compression and this helps the ball get more distance despite slower swing speeds.

You’ll find that these golf  balls will fly very straight and can also be easily controlled on the green.


If you’re not sure which type of golf ball will suit you best, then you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Chrome Soft. It’s a good all-rounder ball and is suitable for every golfer and style of play. 

It has a medium compression rating of 70 and will perform well across the entire course. If you have a high handicap, this ball is great due to its tight dispersions.

The design of the dimples on the ball maximizes the carry when the ball is in the air while also minimizing drag. This will help you hit those big shots straight from the tee.


This is our second ball from Callaway.  We’ve chosen this second ball due to its superlow compression rate of 38.

This makes it the ideal ball for golfers that have lower swing speeds and it allows them to get a lot of distance that other balls might not.

Although it is a soft ball, it’s also very durable due to the hybrid cover. If you struggle with slicing and hooking the golf ball, these Supersoft balls from Callaway will make it easier to control this as it has a low spin factor.

For beginners and inexperienced golfers, this is a great ball to choose.


Srixon is a well-known name in golf ball manufacturing and they’ve built their name up over several decades. The Z-Star golf balls are designed to give you the most distance from your tee as well as a high-degree of control over the ball when you’re putting.

The ball has a high compression rating of 90 so to get the best from the balls, you need a high swing speed.

You’ll find that these balls perform well with virtually every golf club in your bag and you’ll get a great spin from your wedges.

In many ways, these balls are similar to the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls that we’ll introduce later and they’re two of the best professional balls available.


As the name of this golf ball suggests, it’s designed for Distance. It gets the distance from the amount of speed you can get behind this ball.

It has a moderate compression rating of 77 but the core of the ball is still compatible with slower swing speeds. The dimple pattern reduces air drag and the ionomer cover of the balls will reduce the amount of spin the ball gets, as well. 

This cover also prevents the ball from getting scuffed and sheared.

These balls are reasonably priced but we find that they perform at a higher level than you might expect from their price point.


This is another ball from TaylorMade and it's one you will see on many golfing tours as the chosen ball of several professional players.

It has a high compression rating of 85 so it is a good choice for golfers with mid to high swing speeds. The layers of the ball help to reduce the drag of the ball while also increasing carry and greenside spin.


This is one of the more popular golf balls and has been for several decades. It’s used by many of the top golfers in the world and is one of the more expensive balls on this list.

The Pro V1 balls are worth the expenditure, however. They have a high compression rating and you can hit swing speeds of over 90 miles per hour with these balls.

The solid core of the ball helps the ball travel even further and the casing layer lowers the amount of long game spin you’ll get. The balls are very durable so you will get numerous rounds from your purchase. 

Although these are some of the best golf balls on the market, inexperienced players or those with higher handicaps are unlikely to really reap their benefits. You’ll get a similar performance from other balls.


Vice are one of the newer golf ball manufacturers present on this list but they’ve quickly established a reputation for quality balls. 

The Pro Plus balls are designed for golfers with high swing speeds and have a high compression rating of 95.

You’ll get a lower launch and less spin from these balls to help you get as much distance as possible.

In the right circumstances, the Pro Plus can beat out the Titleist Pro V1 in many areas such as speed, distance, and carry. If you have some power and strength behind your swing, this ball is perfect for you.


Vivid is the right word for these balls as they’re not only available in a wide range of colors, but the matte finish makes them easy to spot when they’re on the green. 

They have a compression rating of 75 with a mid-high launch so you’re sure to get lots of distance from the tee. The ball flies in a very stable and consistent manner and these balls are very popular with more senior golfers.


The Wilson Zip is a great combination of price and performance. The compression rating of the golf ball is 50 and you’ll be able to get a stable, but powerful flight that has low drag.

The cover is pretty soft but this doesn’t prevent the ball from being durable. When you use an iron or wedge with this ball, you’ll find that the spin is less compared to several other balls.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 10 of the best brands of golf balls available on the market. They cover a range of price points and have a variety of features so whatever you’re looking for, there is sure to be a golf ball here for you. 

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