What Kind Of Putter Does Tiger Woods Use?

In the history of golf, no professional player has been analyzed more than Tiger Woods from his stance, to his technique and especially, his clubs.

What Kind Of Putter Does Tiger Woods Use?

Woods has used all kinds of golf clubs since he went professional in 1996 with his putters being some of the most fascinating.

While some were used by Woods for a single tournament, there are others that Woods always seems to have stashed in his bag for multiple years to make that perfect shot and low-speed stroke.

Many people enjoy finding out what type of clubs their favorite professional golfers use so that they can mimic it and hopefully gain a leg up in their games, and while it more-so has to do with your technique and swing, as a golf fan it’s still nice to have a club that’s well renowned among the pros like Tiger Woods.

These are the types of putters Tiger Woods has been spotted using when he has played:

Does Tiger Woods Have A Favorite Putter?

While Tiger Woods has used a decent variety of different putter clubs in his professional career, the one that has been used most consistently is his trusty Scotty Cameron Newport 2, German Stainless Steel.

Woods went through a period of only using the Scotty Cameron in 14 major tournaments from 1999 to 2010 and while he was known for actively switching out his clubs before then, by the time he had gotten a few professional years under his belt he became very familiar and comfortable using this club with it consistently being his go-to putter for quite some time.

Since Woods was so fond of it, this club has also been slightly customized with a few different markings and symbols dotted around it.

Alongside the red dot on the heel portion of the face which many refer to as ‘Cherry bomb’, the name ’Tiger Woods’ is also stamped in bright red on the back bumpers.

Woods always uses the Ping PP58 grip when using the Scotty Cameron to allow his shots to be as accurate and consistent as possible.

While Woods would go through some years of experimenting with other putters, each year it was still almost guaranteed that he would make use of the Scotty Cameron at least once since it has become his most reliable club. 

What Other Putters Does Tiger Woods Use?

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is not the only putter Woods has been seen using, there are actually quite a few that have helped him win major tournaments since he first started his career in 1996.

These are a few of his most popular putters that he was regularly using at certain periods.

Odyssey Dual Force 660 

In his earliest years at the Divison 1 Men’s Individual Championships, Woods used the Odyssey Dual Force 660 as his putter of choice.

This retro-styled club had a black insert on the face that gave it a much softer feel, while also using a cord-style Golf Pride grip. 

While Woods did only use the Odyssey for the first year in his professional career in 2016, this has still made it a lot more popular than it traditionally was, however with much more accurate and viable putters coming out since, we doubt we’ll see him grabbing the Odyssey out of his bag again any time soon. 

Scotty Cameron Newport Tel3

Scotty Cameron Newport Tel3

Definitely considered the most influential of his putters, Woods made use of the Scotty Cameron Newport Tel3 during his Masters victory in 1997, and while he only used it for that major tournament, this was when Woods was beginning to skyrocket in popularity not only in golf, but as a celebrity in general, so a lot of people at the time got a good look at this club. 

Soon after, replicas, limited edition variants and even remakes of the club began appearing at an alarming rate, and even now many golfers including Brooks Koepka are still using updated versions of the putter as a faithful homage to Woods’ early dominance in the sport. 

Nike Method

After he felt like he had achieved all he could with his trust Scotty Cameron Newport 2 during the early 2000’s, from 2010 to 2011 Woods started experimenting with the Nike Method putters, specifically the 001 and 003 variants.

Viewers were actually quite surprised that Woods had decided to use a Nike Method 003 since it massively resembled a mid-mallet, something Woods had never been known to use in competitions. 

He used the Nike Method 001 during his legendary five-win season in 2013 and became quite familiar with using them and ended up using these putters for a 6-year run. 

The TaylorMade Juno

The most recent putter Tiger Woods has been seen using is The TaylorMade TP Black Copper Juno putter and while it has become more of a backup to his trusty Newport 2 GSS prototype, he was still seen using the Juno during the 2018 Dell Technologies Championship.

There is no guarantee on whether he will bring out the Juno again in the foreseeable future, however with its customized face and sleek black design, we can only hope to see it back in action someday. 

What Irons Does Tiger Woods Use?

While he has used several during his time on the greens, in his current set Woods uses the P7TW Prototypes.

This is a changeup from the TW Phase 1 Bladed Irons that he had been using for quite some time.

These go from 3-irons down to the pitching wedges and while they do come in a few varieties of design and length, they are still mostly reserved for professional golfers such as Woods. 

The key reason Tiger Woods has begun using this iron in tournaments, and why it is slowly being the go-to iron for many other golfers, is primarily down to the milled grind sole.

This separates it from the also popular P730 and it gives the club much more consistency and precision when you go to swing at the tee. 

They also feature a very precise tungsten weight placement that is used to improve trajectory control and to give the player much more feedback when they go to hit the ball.

While the P7TW is now the standard for Woods, he has been known to be very picky with what irons he brings along in his bag.

Once he likes the feel of an iron, he usually sticks with that for a decent amount of time, usually a few years, before switching it out, so while we will probably see the P7TW in action for at least a good while, you can be sure that Woods will be replacing it as soon as he feels comfortable with a different club. 


While Tiger Woods is most famous for his decade-long run of using the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 as his putter of choice, as of late he has been experimenting with a range of different clubs that may just become his new favorite for those must-win tournaments. 

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